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Chicago, HomeMacy’s Flower Show 2010

The annual Macy’s Flower Show is underway for 2010, and it’s a fun, free way to celebrate the season! Called “Spring is in the Air,” it’s taking place from now until April 11th at five Macy’s locations: Chicago, Minneapolis, NYC, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. I was lucky enough to get the inside scoop on Chicago’s Flower Show, taking place at the historic store on State St., and I can’t wait to check it out for myself!

The State St. store features over 20 displays with over 100 varieties of exotic trees and flowering plants. There are also beautiful tablescapes by the Martha Stewart and Lenox collections that will definitely inspire how you’ll set your table. You can even take a guided tour hosted by a University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener. Pictured above is an amazing 16-foot birdcage display in the Walnut Room on the 7th floor, featuring white spriea, orchids, tulips, daffodils, birds of paradise, blue hydrangea, and different ivy and grasses. And don’t miss this year’s centerpiece–a hot air balloon, reaching over 2 stories high, with a gondola filled with beautiful greenery and flowers. Be sure to check out Macy’s Flower Show at 111 N. State St. while you can, and click to see even more pictures! READ MORE

Home, ObsessionsHappy O

I love that Easter is one of those defining moments of spring where it’s just a good excuse to eat good chocolate, wear bright colors and generally celebrate the season with your friends and family.  Every year I try to do something around the holiday just because I’m happy that the flowers are out, the grass is green and can finally look forward to sunnier weather.

This year I’m hoping to impress guests with one of the most genius Easter themed products I’ve ever come across: colored Happy O Wine glasses by Riedel.  The set comes with 4 glasses with 4 colored bottom rims-  red, green, blue, and yellow.   The glasses are really playful and fun in addition to being stylish and practical- they are appropriate for both red and white wine.   In addition, they  make such a pretty accent on your dining room table (or wherever you drink).  Each set retails for $60- making it appropriate as a gift or for yourself.  So far everyone who has seen mine has commented on how cool they are and every time I look at them, I can only think of sunny days and white wine.  I’m marking them as an obsession!

Fragrance, Home, ObsessionsObsession of the Moment: Paddywax Journey of the Bee Orange Blossom Candle

Fashion, Home, ShoppingLiberty of London for Target

Whenever I am across the pond, I always have to stop by the amazing department store Liberty of London near Oxford Circus.  And by stop by, I mean spend half a day in the beautifully curated store, admiring and lusting after everything.  So naturally I jumped at the chance to attend a press preview for the new Liberty of London for Target collection that’s hitting stores nationwide this Sunday.  I snatched a few items to spruce up my apartment (see above) and have got the dish on all the goods you can expect to see. Liberty lovers will be excited to see their signature prints and florals on everything. For luck New Yorkers, there is a pop-up store in progress right now at 1095 Sixth Ave (at 42nd St) March 11-March 13 from 9am to 8pm. READ MORE

Fragrance, HomeCasa di Francesca

Having recently moved, I always find that home fragrance is an easy way to make an apartment feel a little bit more like mine, even though there are boxes that need to be unpacked. When I opened the diffuser by Casa di Francesca, I immediately felt a sense of luxury and comfort.

From their collection of scents, I tried Pure Pear.  The scent captures the scent of lush white pear blossoms and the ripening fruit; in my apartment, it lends a sweet but also crisp and clean scent. The overall feeling is very sweet and rustic, and it makes me feel instantly relaxed…like taking a deep breath and going “ahhh.” What could make you feel more at home than that?

HomeSpiegelau for your man

Ladies, let’s be straight here- buying stuff for your man is not that easy.  And honestly, he probably is NOT that interested in a shower kit- but beer?  Beer is another story.

Recently I discovered Spiegelau Beer Classics, collection of glassware specially made to showcase the varying flavors of different beers. One of my friends from high school grew up to manage a high end beer put and never drank beer out of anything but specialty glasses and from him I learned about all the little nuances that make beer The collection includes the Lager Glass, the Stemmed Pilsner Glass and the Wheat Beer Glass In addition to being function, these glasses are also stylish- a lovely gift for the discerning man (or beer snob). Best of all, the price point is perfect. Each type of glass is sold in sets of two for $29.90.

Bath & Body, Beauty, Fragrance, HomeTreat Yourself On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday…if you have a significant other.  But if you don’t, all the advertising and hype can sometimes make you feel like you’re missing out on something.  Not fun.  Not fun at all.  Which is why I subscribe to the theory that if you’re single on February 14th, the best way to deal is to go out with your other single friends for drinks and dancing.  But if you can’t manage that, you have to at least treat yourself to something special or luxurious to make the day fun for you too.  Expensive chocolates or that pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on for awhile are always good, but here’s a few other options that are guaranteed to make you smile. READ MORE

HomeLight Your Way

Not all candles, let alone soy candles are created equal. I’ve fully embraced soy candles recently because I can’t stand the black soot/smoke and wick trimming that come with their less-green counterparts (and admittedly, after watching Avatar, I decided I need to be a little kinder to Mother Earth.)

Past soy candles I’ve purchased were of the cheaper variety, and while clean burning, sputtered weak flames and didn’t quite emanate scent very thoroughly through my apartment.  I like my candle scents to be enveloping, without being overpowering; luxurious but without a $65+ price tag; and was recently introduced to Linnea’s Lights, a line of luxurious soy candles with a reasonable price tag that have become my new favorite hostess gift. READ MORE

Bath & Body, HomeLittle Ember Sampler

Have you ever tried Jimmyjane’s candles? They smell absolutely fabulous! For a limited time, they’re offering a set called the Little Ember Sampler that is a must-have if you’re a candle aficionado.

Containing six paraffin and lead-free candles, these mini Ember candles burn beautifully and evenly; each burn up to 8 hours each, which is pretty impressive since each candle is only 20 g. Each set contains these six scents: Honeysuckle + Clover, Ginger + Date, Truffle + Gardenia, Habanero + Grapefruit, Vetiver + Honey, and Cocoa + Fig. Each smell amazing and are incredibly fragrant, so you can’t really go wrong! What is most unique is that as the candle burns, the liquid turns into massage oil. Containing jojoba, shea butter, vitamin E, aloe and other botanicals, it’s great for your skin and will leave you glowing after using. Massage your stiff neck or shoulders after work…or better yet, convince someone to do it for you. The set is reasonably priced at $45, and available at

Accessories, Fashion, Home, JewelryEditor’s Closet: December 2009

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