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Beauty, InterviewsGet the Look: Rachel Bilson’s Eye Makeup on Hart of Dixie

HartofDixieWhen you find your style spirit animal at an early age, it sticks with you. Ever since discovering Rachel Bilson on The OC, I’ve been following her adorable and spunky on-and-off camera style. With a predilection for vintage, bare legs, and knowledgeably savvy about how to dress her petite hourglass frame, Rachel is a frequent Pinterest source for me when I’m plagued with “I don’t know what to wear” blues. Not any less envy-inducing are Rachel’s smoky, yet natural makeup choices. I was interested about how to get the look, so I interviewed Rachel’s makeup artist on Hart of Dixie, Joni Powell:

The Daily Obsession: Considering Rachel’s eye shape, what were important things to keep in mind when designing the look?

Rachel is lucky and has beautiful large eyes and can wear a variety of eye designs. The one I use most on her is her trademark smoky eye . She can also wear eyeliner smudged inside the waterline of the eye without it making her eyes look too small, which can be a problem if a person has smaller or close-set eyes.

TDO: What type of things about Rachel’s character factored in creating the look? READ MORE

Beauty, InterviewsTDO Interview: Jake Bailey

A month or so back, I had the amazing opportunity to get completely made over by Cover Girl ambassador and celebrity makeup artist Jake Bailey for a fun street-style shoot. As part of the event, I interviewed Jake and asked him to share his fool-proof trick to creating a dramatic smokey eye  and how to get camera ready makeup — perfect for the holiday season! This is also our first video at TDO so we’re pretty excited! Thanks P&G Beauty!

Beauty, Celebrities, Hair, Interviews, Los Angeles, Spas & SalonsTDO Interview: Marco Pelusi

Marco PelusiI trust only a handful of people with my hair. Marco Pelusi, colorist extraordinaire and owner of Marco Pelusi Hair Studio in West Hollywood, Calif., is one of them. His growing roster of celebrity clients (Stacy Keibler, Sophie Winkleman, Carol Alt) have the most amazing color; his salon is so relaxing and down-to-earth; and I’m a die-hard fan of his products.

So, with “holiday hair season” upon us, I thought, who better to ask about getting great hair color? Here are his candid answers to my questions, including how to maintain red hair color and how to avoid disappointment at the salon:

TDO: Marco, the hair color you do always looks amazing. What’s your secret?

MP: Thank you! Years of practice. If you want to get good at something, do it over and over and over again, so you have years of experience to draw upon.

Also, listening is perhaps the most vital component to my job. I must have adequate time for a color consultation; to consider the client’s skin tone, what’s most flattering for her, and her wants and needs. While I’m listening, I’m already formulating the proper color, and then I’m ready to go into my ‘laboratory’ and mix! Also, as I’m mixing, I always keep in mind my personal mantra: to maintain the quality and integrity of the hair while coloring.

TDO: What is the most important or best thing you think a woman should keep in mind about hair color? READ MORE

Fitness & Health, Interviews, Los Angeles, SkincareTDO Interview: Lindsay Reinsmith

Ah, cleanses. It’s been over a year since I did my last cleanse — mainly because, well, I’m not a huge fan of cleanses. But leading up to my latest vacation, I decided to do a short one to prepare myself for the days of decadence ahead (and yes, lose a quick few pounds). That and I was curious about Kaeng Raeng, an affordable vegan and gluten-free detox cleanse developed by entrepreneur, writer, certified personal trainer and animal rights activist Lindsay Reinsmith.


Beauty, Interviews, SkincareWhat you Really, Really Need to Know About Skincare

Ranking up there with who built the pyramids, who really killed Marilyn Monroe, why Pippa’s bum has attracted such international attention, and how Newt Gingrich has managed to have three wives, is the mystery of clear skin. Some lucky people, who presumably have made a deal with the devil a la David Blaine, sleep in their makeup and wake up with perfect skin. Others credit a vegan lifestyle, eschewing sugar, dairy, and flour, with theirs. Some use extremely vigilant skin routines like Proactiv, monthly facials, and Retin-A. Others had pretty perfect skin through a traditionally acne-riddled period (adolescence) but woke up in their 20s, to what looked like delayed puberty. I fall into the latter category, and am still trying to figure it all out. But for those of us clear skin detectives, Renée Rouleau, celebrity skin care expert and disbeliever in a one-fits-all skincare methodology, is taking the mystery out of the equation by adding science and practicality. Her self-named skincare line caught my eye when I saw bloggers and beauty editors raving about her famed Anti-Cyst treatment all over Twitter. So for you TDO readers, I put together a comprehensive listing of queries and reader questions for Renee, to find out what do we really, really need to know about skincare? Read on:

1. Sum up your skin philosophy in a few sentences.
A one-size-fits-all approach is not in-sync with what the modern client wants, or needs, in their pursuit of balanced, healthy skin. Rather than pigeonhole clients into basic skin types (dry, normal, oily), I’ve created customized, benefits-driven regimens and high-performance formulations that garner meaningful results.  With the proper tools, effective products, knowledge and a disciplined regimen, anyone can have great skin.

2. One of the ways that your line is unique in that you describe nine different skin types. Tell us about how you went about identifying these different types.
We know there is more to skin than dry, normal and oily. That’s why we’ve created NINE unique skin types to give your skin the best results. Dry, oily and combo really only tells you how much oil your skin produces.  Most people have additional concerns they want to address from hyperpigmentation, teen and adult acne, aging, etc.

3. A lot of people think that acne is a teenage affliction, but adult-onset acne is on the rise. Why do you think that is? What kind of environmental/internal factors are at work? READ MORE

Celebrities, Fashion, InterviewsTDO Interview: Bethenny Frankel

“!!!” “OMG, I’m so jealous.” “OMG, I love her.” “Ask her if she needs an assistant!” The responses varied, but the excitement level was palpable when I told my friends I had the chance to interview Bethenny Frankel. Bethenny may describe herself as a barracuda, but in person, she comes across as a professional, warm, but smart businesswoman. She’s like the cool, all-knowing aunt every girl needs in her life. The one who you can go to for things you can’t ask your mom. The one who will tell you, “No, you shouldn’t buy those jeans” and answer without hesitating when you ask, “Yo, should I dump this asshole?” (love this site.) Her “Frank-elness” (sorry for the terrible pun) and honesty are among the core values of her Skinnygirl brand, which is why I was initially surprised when I heard she was making the foray into shapewear. Because isn’t shapewear partly based on hidden illusion and smoke and mirrors through can’t-breathe, secret foundation undergarments? But leave it to Bethenny to inject some candor into the shapewear industry by taking the “hidden” out of the equation, and making a line of visible, lingerie-inspired foundation garments that are meant to be seen: Skinnygirl Solutions. I asked Bethenny about her new line launching exclusively at 25 Macy’s, her thoughts on the 90 day rule, and why she’s against texting boys.

TDO: When do you wear shapewear?

Bethenny: This is a classic tank, I wear that under everything.  I wear it when I’m going out at night with my girlfriends or husband, under a dress or a tank top. It’s lazy lingerie because when I get home because it’s like, “Honey, I have something sexy on.” It’s smoothing and inexpensive at less than $50 a garment. It’s shapewear you actually want people to see. And it’s not just shapewear: it’s a bra, tank top, and a piece of lingerie, all in one garment.

What were the pain points in the current shapewear industry that inspired you?

My brand is about practical solutions for women. Women say, “It rolls up, it’s too expensive. I’m embarrassed to wear it in front of someone.” I listen to women. That’s my job.

At this point, Alison Brod, the PR impresario whose firm is heading the event, pops by to say hi to Bethenny. READ MORE

Fashion, InterviewsVictoria’s Secret Model, Elsa Hosk, Gets Linsanity Too

Neon. Is there any other color range getting more play this season? You don’t have to be a trend forecaster to know that it will be all over spring break, the streets, and Coachella style slideshows. Smart retailers like Victoria’s Secret have clearly picked up on it and the super saturated hues are featured prominently all over their Spring offerings for PINK. Last month, I visited their design headquarters in midtown to check out the new line and meet Elsa Hosk, former professional basketball player turned Victoria’s Secret model. We talked about her favorites for the new line, what Spring Break is like in her native Sweden, and her thoughts on Knicks phenomenon, Jeremy Lin. And this being an interview with a Victoria’ Secret model, I naturally had to ask her about her workout/diet regimen too. Read on:

The Daily Obsession: I know exactly one word in Swedish. One of my friends had a Swedish pen pal in high school, who is now her husband.

Really? What is it!

TDO: tack så mycket(means thank you)

That’s a good one to know! You should also know hej (means hello.) My favorite word is bageri, which means bakery.

What’s Spring Break like in Sweden? Is there an equivalent? READ MORE

Celebrities, Interviews, New YorkTDO Interview: Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima, supermodel extraordinaire and one of Victoria’s Secret’s most famous Angels, needs no introduction. I got to meet her yesterday at a press event and like any good blogger would, I jumped at the chance to ask her a few questions.

The Daily Obsession: What’s the most romantic place in New York City to you?
Adriana Lima: The most romantic place in the city is the restaurant La Grenouille, especially on the second floor where they have those magnificent flower displays. My idea of a romantic night out is going for a really nice dinner and this is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city. I also love Central Park. READ MORE

Fashion, Food, Interviews, New YorkHave You Met Donatella?

Donatella Arpaia, that is. You may have visited one of her many numerous restaurants, seen her sitting next to Jeffrey Steingarten as one of the judges on Iron Chef America or recognize her as the winner of Meatball Madness, beating out chefs like Andrew Carmellini. She returns to the New York Food and Wine Festival September 29th to defend her title. We caught up with her before her meatball battle and next big project: the birth of her baby! Read on to see what pregnant chefs crave and her favorite munchies in New York City.

The Daily Obsession: Legend has it that you used to be a corporate lawyer before going into food. How did you decide to make the switch and why? Were you wrestled with indecision?

Donatella Arpaia: I grew up in the restaurant business and my father and brother are both restaurateurs so it’s in my DNA, but from early on I was encouraged to be a lawyer. I enjoyed the study of law but hated the practice of it. At the time I was living in a small studio above my brotherls restaurant, Cellini on 54th st. I was grabbing a bite at the bar when I saw my brother needed help because his hostess didn’t show up I got up and pitched in. That was it! I knew at that moment I needed to change directions. I struggled a bit because I studied so hard and a lot was invested in my education, but really, I had no doubt about the change of course I was about to embark on. I never looked back!

TDO: For many people, pursuing a career in food is a dream—what advice would you give to them for success?

DA: Food is a wonderful and exciting ride but many people have only a very limited idea of what the reality of this industry is like. It’s hard ! I recommend they work in area of food they are interested in to get a really good taste of the reality of this industry. You must be extremely committed and passionate to succeed. READ MORE

Food, Interviews, TravelServe Yourself- by Joe Yonan

Recently we had a chance to chat with Washington Post food & travel editor Joe Yonan who recently published the book Serve Yourself – a guide to cooking for one.  As a single New York gal, I’ve often struggled with figuring out exactly what and how to make my own dinner.  Yes, it sounds silly- but I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve actually developed a strategy for ordering off Seamlessweb.  So I was eager to read Joe’s new book and jumped at the chance to find out a little bit more about the man himself- and his life in food and travel. READ MORE

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