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Beauty, InterviewsTDO Interview: Bobbi Brown

Monday evening, Total Beauty invited me to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the executives of the Estee Lauder company (more on that in an upcoming post), and one of my favorite makeup gurus, Bobbi Brown, was present!  Of course, I had to snag a quick interview with the legend herself and came out with my favorite quote of the night: “Barack Obama wears Bobbi Brown!” READ MORE

Celebrities, Fashion Week, InterviewsTDO Interview: 5 Minutes with James Aguiar

Right after we saw the Tracy Reese show, Carolyn and I were excited to stumble upon James Aguiar, stylist and fashion expert extraordinaire, catching a break in between his busy schedule of shows. You may recognize him from “The Look for Less” on the Style channel, as the host of “Full Frontal Fashion,” or as the former fashion director of NYC department store institution, Bergdorf Goodman.

We couldn’t help but seize the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his favorites for Fall (because Spring 2009 is great and all, but we want to know what we should buy NOW) and his thoughts thus far about the Spring collections.

Fall Trends for Men: The return of the dressed up man.  James sees men beginning to fully embrace the suit, thanks to the proliferation of numerous menswear designers who are all designing fabulous suits. His favorite? Lanvin – for its perfect mix of trendy and classic. READ MORE

Denim & Jeans, Fashion, InterviewsTDO Interview: Paige Adams-Geller

Paige Adams-Geller is the founder of Paige Premium Denim, one of the most beloved denim brands by women worldwide.  Having been a fit model for numerous denim labels (many of which had male designers at its helm), Paige sought out to create classic styles, washes and fits – for real women, by a woman.  Now, the label also includes men’s, maternity and kids lines in addition to women’s.  And who’s worn her jeans?  Just about every celebrity you can think of – and most of the women we know.   Paige kindly took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for us – dishing about her personal closet staples to her tips on finding the perfect jean (to make your butt look great – because that’s what really counts, right?).  Read on!

The Daily Obsession: You began as a fit model for top denim brands. How do you think that experience has shaped your brand, and helped differentiate you from other denim labels?
Paige Adams-Geller: I got to learn the ins and outs of the business by observing some of the most innovative and creative designers in the industry. I learned about seam placement, pocket structure and more. But more than anything I saw a hole! Most of the designers were men; they didn’t understand a women’s body, her curves and her desire for a classic jean. I was able to take what I learned from them and create a product that puts a women’s perspective on it.

TDO: You’re one of the very few premium denim designer to incorporate larger sizes into your line. How did it come about that you broke that 24-32 mold?
PAG: A lot of designers have an idea of their ideal customer – that was the mold I wanted to break. I wanted every girl to be able to wear my designs not just tall girls or slim girls, etc. I had grown up in the modeling industry and knew what kind of mentality it breeds, and I wanted to fight that kind of conformity. READ MORE

Accessories, Fashion, InterviewsTDO Interview: Hayden-Harnett

Over the last few years, Hayden+Harnett has become one of the hottest new names in handbag design. They’ve developed an incredibly loyal following, and with good reason – HH bags have that magic blend of hip style and functionality that women are always after. The line has become so popular that HH has recently launched a fabulous ready-to-wear line as well – and that’s just the beginning. In anticipation of the release of their gorgeous fall line, we sat down to chat with founder Toni Hacker to talk about her background, her style, and her skills with a hula hoop.

The Daily Obsession: After reading a little bit about you, I get the feeling that handbag design was sort of an accidental calling for you. Can you tell us a little about how that happened?
Toni Hacker: Definitely an accident, but a very serendipitous and happy one. My formal education is in industrial design with a strong studio arts background in sculpture and metalsmithing. I’d always loved fashion, but had no intention of becoming a fashion designer. My first “real” job was in industrial design, but I didn’t feel super challenged there. I posted my resume online and a fashion accessory company approached me to join them as their design director. I learned so much there about developing accessories in all types of fabrications. This is where my interest in fashion really combined with my product design background and things just started to click. READ MORE

Accessories, Interviews, ObsessionsTDO Interview: Andrea Brueckner

We absolutely adore the bags from Andrea Brueckner‘s line – and we were so excited when she agreed to do an interview with us! Launched in 2004, Andrea Brueckner is known for her stunning and innovative collection of handbags – from the famed Saddle Bag to the obsession-worthy Luxembourg Satchel. We asked Andrea everything – from her bag must-haves to her fashion icons. Let’s get started, shall we?

The Daily Obsession: Before starting your own line, you worked at Carolina Herrera, Jill Stuart and Craig Robinson. Did your experience at those brands influence your aesthetic today?
Andrea Brueckner: The designers I worked for before I started the company didn’t necessarily influence my aesthetic. They more gave me the experience and background I needed to start my own company. All of these companies were very small, so while working there, I was able to gain experience in all aspects of a small business, from design, to sales, and production. Craig Robinson probably influenced me the most, though, in terms of aesthetic. He was a bespoke menswear tailor, who taught me a lot about design and construction and form, which are typically what influence me the most when I begin to design.

TDO: When you started your line, what made you choose handbag design over clothing, shoes, or other accessories?
AB: I started my line while working for a clothing company. I began to design and sew little handbags on the side, for myself and for my friends. I pounded the pavement for awhile, and then the little ideas turned into bigger ones. READ MORE

Beauty, Interviews, Jewelry, Makeup, NailsTDO Interview: All Lacquered Up

All Lacquered Up is one of the best resources for nail polish news and reviews online, so when we got the opportunity to interview its creator, fellow blogger Michelle, we jumped at the chance to talk to her about why she decided to start blogging, how much time her (very impressive!) polish swatches take to create, her all-time favorite nail colors, and much more. Check it out!

The Daily Obsession: Why did you decide to create All Lacquered Up?
Michelle Mismas: It all happened on a whim with very little planning, which is very much my style. I had been posting on the Makeup Alley nail board for a couple years and even though it is a great resource for polish information, the message boards are hard to search. I was an avid blog reader, especially Blogdorf Goodman, so I decided to start a place of my own to share info on new collections, colors I love and nail related news. It all just evolved from there.

TDO: You spend a lot of time swatching colors and photographing them for your site. How much time do you spend on this process? Tell us more about it.
MM: Sometimes I wonder if I’ve dug myself into a hole by focusing so much on sharing nail polish swatches. It’s very time consuming and there just isn’t enough time in the day to share all the colors people want to see. But ultimately I do what I do to help my readers, and I feel that without seeing the shade on the nail, it’s like shopping blind. In the bottle, nail polish can be very deceiving, so I hope I’m doing a service with my images. READ MORE

Beauty, InterviewsTDO Interview: Rea Ann Silva

When I was a little girl, my dream job was to be a makeup artist. (If you want to know the truth, I’m still a little jealous of the ones I meet now!) So I was very excited at the opportunity to talk to Rea Ann Silva, a veteran Hollywood makeup artist whose clients have included Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Garner, Alicia Silverstone and Kerry Washington. She’s also one of the creators of the Beautyblender, a revolutionary elliptical-shaped sponge that makes applying makeup a breeze. (Trust me, ladies, I’ve tried it and it’s completely changed the way I put on foundation!) For a peek into Rea Ann’s world and an inside look at her favorite products, check out our interview.

TDO: Did you always want to be a makeup artist? How did you get started in the business?
Rea Ann Silva: No, I wanted to be a fashion designer. While attending FIDM in L.A., I got a part time job in the department store next to the school as a perfume model. I quickly realized that the girls behind the makeup counter were having a lot more fun interacting with willing customers…and painting faces!

TDO: What is your beauty philosophy?
RAS: That there is beauty on every face! A woman’s makeup should result in the exposure of her inner beauty and how she wants to portray herself to the world. My job is to enhance the features that make her confident and play down what makes her feel insecure. This helps to allow her to be who she really is on the inside. READ MORE

Beauty, Interviews, MakeupTDO Interview: Makeup Artist Emily Kate Warren

We are very excited about our latest interview with makeup artist, Emily Kate Warren. Aside from being sweet, gracious and successful, Emily is a former beauty editor at CosmoGirl! and an ultra-talented makeup artist…so interviewing her was pretty much a dream. She provided insight into the industry, as well as so many useful tips and fabulous product recommendations that you could easily experiment with the looks for the next month. Check it out!

The Daily Obsession: How did you get your start in the beauty industry?
Emily Kate Warren: My career started with two internships. One was at Latina Magazine in the fashion and beauty department, and the other was at Art + Commerce, one of the most prestigious hair, makeup and stylists agencies in the world.

TDO: In the last 50 years, which makeup artists (dead or alive) do you think has made the most impact in the industry?
EKW: In high school, I was so inspired by Kevyn Aucoin’s transformations that I bought both of his books. My two best friends bought me copies of the books as well, so I had three copies of both books! The fact that most women knew who he was and still refer to his books for inspiration makes me think he is probably one of the most influential artists in the last 50 years. READ MORE

Accessories, Interviews, ShoesTDO Interview: Barefoot Tess

What woman doesn’t love shoes? We do!!! That’s why we were very excited to interview Chelsea Strickler, the buyer for Barefoot Tess. This online shoe retailer offers a carefully curated selection of designer shoes, specializing in large size sole styles. Check out our interview with Chelsea and find out what brands are investment-worthy, what you need in your closet now and much, much more!

TDO: We have to admit – you pretty much have our dream job. Can you give us an idea of what an average day is like for you?
Chelsea Strickler: BUSY! Buying shoes for Barefoot Tess is not like buying shoes for your average shoe boutique. Our goal is to offer the same cute, trendy shoes that a size 7 can buy to girls that wear a size 11, 12, 13…even 14 and 15! This requires a lot of back end work on our part, negotiating with shoe companies and sometimes getting down on our hands and knees, begging them to make larger size shoes for us. It’s quite expensive and labor intensive for companies to open larger sized shoe lasts and molds, which is the main reason it is so difficult for us to get the larger sizes made. After the initial season working with us, most vendors realize what a large market they are missing out on and are excited to go forward.

TDO: I think one of the hardest things about fashion is keeping up with trends. How do shoe trends differ from clothing trends?
CS: With shoe trends, you really have to pay attention to materials, toe shapes and heel heights. Right now, patent leather is hot…and so are round toes, flats and tall flat boots. We also try to pay attention to up and coming designers like Loeffler Randall and Matt Bernson (among many others!), but not ignore the classics like Delman. READ MORE

Fashion, Interviews, Los AngelesTDO Interview: Bollare Communication

We recently sat down with the truly fun and fabulous Alle Fister, Founder/ Principal of Bollare Communication, a fashion public relations firm based in Los Angeles – and picked her brain about working in PR industry. Founded in 2006, Bollare has quickly gained acclaim for working with the best of the best in the fashion and lifestyle space. Working with an array of clients – including Shopbop, Hurley, LaRok and Lauren Moffatt among others – has established the Bollare team as a go-to resource for editors, stylists and producers. Check out our interview where Alle dishes about the best part of her job, upcoming spring fashion trends and more!

The Daily Obsession: What does a publicist do? Take us through a day in your life.
Alle Fister: The fun part about being a publicist is that everyday is truly different! Our goal is to help broaden exposure for our clients through a variety of mediums that will best reach their target demographics and overall, grow their business and brand awareness.

Generally, I aim to spend the majority of my day reaching out to editors, stylists, producers and other publicists to brainstorm creative and fun ways to gain this exposure. There is definitely a TON of emailing and phone time involved! I tend to say that a publicists ‘day’ never really ends, as you tend to always be ‘on’ even in your off time…!

TDO: What is your favorite part of the job?
AF: The social interaction! I love meeting new people and connecting with them – which lends very well to the job!

TDO: What do you find most challenging?
AF: Deciding whom to work with! I want to surround myself with very positive and enthusiastic people whose products I believe in 1000%! READ MORE

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