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Fashion, InterviewsTDO Interview: Lutz & Patmos

Lutz & Patmos is known for their beautiful line of knits – and designers, Tina Lutz and Marcia Patmos, were kind enough to quickly share a few details about themselves and their line. Read below to find out more!

The Daily Obsession: How did you meet?
Tina Lutz & Marcia Patmos: We met in 1995 while designing for Barney’s Private Label.

TDO: What propelled you to launch Lutz & Patmos?
T&M: The search for the perfect sweater.

TDO: Who is the Lutz & Patmos woman?
T&M: She is ageless and international.

TDO: The Lutz & Patmos collections are composed of eco-friendly, yet very luxurious fabrics. Tell us more about how your company stays green.
T&M: We are trying to make green changes not only in the way we product, but also in our packaging, printing and everyday life at the office. READ MORE

Accessories, InterviewsTDO Interview: Colette Malouf

Colette Malouf celebrates the 20th anniversary of her famed accessories brand this September. Recently, we got a chance to ask her a few questions about her company – from the infamous Malouf Pouf to her advice for aspiring designers – and you don’t want to miss out on her answers below.

The Daily Obsession: Where do you get your inspiration?
Colette Malouf: I love to travel, and being of Lebanese decent, I have family all over the world. Diversity in cultures, customs and natural environments are very inspiring to me. The history, the local craft, the landscape and the lifestyle from Europe to the Middle East to Asia is fascinating to me.

TDO: What is the process of creating one of your pieces – from design to production?
CM: Since I work with many different materials, I must approach each one differently, but basically, I begin with a sketch and a color palette. Then I guide a sample maker to follow my specs exactly. I document every detail of the design, which includes all the materials, swatches, the measurements, and steps on how to complete the design. Every style in the collection follows this process and is part of an overall collection plan. Once I approve all first samples, then sample orders are placed. Once the collection is sold, then production is commenced. READ MORE

Accessories, Fashion, Interviews, ObsessionsTDO Interview: Loeffler Randall

We recently had the privilege of interviewing one of our fashion idols: the absolutely amazing Jessie Randall, the creative director of Loeffler Randall!!! (We might have stopped breathing when we received the email for this opportunity.) We think Jessie is fabulous, and as our loyal readers know, we count this label to be one of our obsessions. Find out about her inspiration, her favorite pair of shoes, her plans for Loeffler Randall and more.

The Daily Obsession: Your impressive design career included stints at Gap, Inc. and Katayone Adeli. What propelled you to branch out and start Loeffler Randall?
Jessie Randall: Brian [her husband/partner] and I always knew we wanted to start a company together. It was just a question of when.

TDO: What is the philosophy behind your brand?
JR: We describe our brand essence as ‘downtown elegance.’ Our girl is young with a downtown edge, but also someone who is incredibly chic and elegant.

TDO: As the creative director, how do you come up with your ideas? Walk us through your design process.
JR: The process of designing a collection at the outset is determined by the calendar and logistics. Because footwear requires the longest lead-time, each collection (handbags, RTW) comes out of the footwear inspiration. I spend lots of time gathering inspiration – going to the Conde Nast library to look at old magazines, looking at films, vintage shopping, swatching colors, leathers and fabrics, etc and then I sit down to start sketching.

TDO: You recently launched a ready-to-wear line. Were you always interested in branching out in that direction, or is this a recent change? What made you want to start designing RTW?
JR: Clothing was always part of the plan from the beginning when Brian and I started Loeffler Randall. Shoes are my first love and required production in Italy, so we started with those always knowing that clothing would eventually follow. We have always wanted to express the full Loeffler Randall lifestyle for our customer and clothing is a big part of that.

TDO: What’s different about designing clothing vs. accessories?
JR: I find clothing design to be more freeing. With shoes, I am bound by the equipment we own or want to invest in (lasts). With clothing, anything that comes to my head can be created. I love that. READ MORE

Fashion, Interviews, ShoppingTDO Interview: Shopbop

We recently had a chance to chat with Erin Crandall, the head buyer for Shopbop! As one of the top online fashion retailers (and a personal favorite), Shopbop carries an impressive selection of designers and recently upped the ante by launching a new Designer Boutique. Get the the dish on Erin’s finds for Shopbop, her favorite trends of the season and much, much more.

The Daily Obsession: How did you get your start?
Erin Crandall: I started working in our store when I was a college student. I worked all summer and during school so I was really involved in everything. Eventually, I asked the owners if I could start to help them with buying and they started bringing me to New York. After the first few trips, they felt comfortable enough to start sending me on my own. Then eventually, it made sense for me to live in New York and just buy for the site — and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since!

TDO: As the head buyer, what does your job entail?
EC: I work really closely with all of the other buyers on picking new lines and evaluating the business we’re doing with existing lines. I am in the market all the time, but I also get to work with the numbers and on our email marketing campaigns. I also recently did all the buying for our Designer Boutique, which has been a big project. READ MORE

Fashion, InterviewsTDO Interview: Lisa Curran

Lisa CurranSwimwear designer Lisa Curran is known for creating sexy, flattering styles for women of every body type. Her designs have been seen on Drew Barrymore and Michelle Rodriguez, among a long list of celebrity fans of the brand. We recently got the chance to talk with Lisa about her designs, style inspirations, and tips for finding the best bathing suit for your body!

The Daily Obsession: How did your career in swimsuit design begin?
Lisa Curran: It began because I could not find a swimsuit that fit well. I wondered why they didn’t sell tops and bottoms in separate sizes.

TDO: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
LC: It always depends on what I am feeling at the moment. Right now I am obsessed with mod retro with a feminine touch. And I always love pink.

wood bamboo bikiniTDO: How do you develop new designs, prints, and patterns?
LC: Usually I have something in my head and that is how it comes together. The design usually changes a few times before it is perfect.

TDO: How do your designs cater to women of different shapes and sizes?
LC: To design fashionable, chic swimwear that fits a large portion of the world is the concept behind the line. This is why we offer everything skimpy bikinis to one pieces to tankinis.

TDO: It can be tough for a woman to find the right swimsuit to fit her shape. What advice can you offer on how to find the best swimsuit for your body type?
LC: It is difficult to find the perfect swimsuit–I can never say it isn’t. But I would say don’t always follow trends and go with works best for your body type. READ MORE

Beauty, Eco & Organic, Hair, InterviewsTDO Interview: Jamal Hamadi

Jamal HamadiStylist Jamal Hamadi has built a solid reputation in the industry with his creative and glamorous styling, working with many Hollywood starlets and runway models. Jamal’s hair care product line, Hamadi Beauty, is entirely all-natural and made from organic ingredients. The line focuses on moisturizing and an uncompromising stance on using all-natural ingredients–as well as being strongly against animal testing. We were recently lucky enough to discuss hair care, styling, and the Hamadi Beauty line with none other than Jamal himself!

The Daily Obsession: What is the personal philosophy behind your styling and product line?
Jamal Hamadi: It’s all about a healthful, conscious approach to a chic lifestyle. Nature is a global concern. Style, architecture, and personal styles inspire me. It’s about promoting a healthy, modern, and intelligent sensibility that does not compromise quality with artificial ingredients. Our moisture-based formulations are custom-designed to be luxurious as well as nourishing. It’s about beauty with a conscience.

TDO: What persuaded you to make the jump from styling to creating your own product line?
JH: I have always wanted to do a hair line as long as I have wanted to do hair. I had such a hard time with my own hair growing up. But once I started doing hair in a salon, I realized I knew what was lacking in the industry and questioned why there weren’t any good organic hair styling products. Therefore, I started to create conditioning treatments for my salon clients who always complained about how dry their hair was after hair color and so on. And so I started mixing up shea butter with oils and making my own concoctions–this was in the early ’90s. At that time, there weren’t any really nice organic conditioning styling products; the textures I think work best are the creams and oils. READ MORE

Beauty, Interviews, SkincareTDO Interview: Anthony Logistics

Ever wonder about how to get the perfect shave? We recently got the chance to interview Tony Sosnick, the founder of Anthony Logistics and a leader in today’s grooming industry. We asked him about how he started his wonderful line of products and much, much more. Check it out!

The Daily Obsession: How did you get started in the industry?
Anthony: I was a frustrated consumer and looking for line of products that were made for men that covered everything form head to toe.

I did some initial research in the industry and realized there was a huge gap in this area and it was growing twice as fast as the woman’s cosmetic market. As a result of my research, I felt there was a good business opportunity and being a frustrated consumer with the lack of choices on the market, I decided to start my own brand of personal care products for men…

TDO: If you had to pick only one product from your line to use, what would it be?
Anthony: Glycolic Facial Cleanser. Always keep a clean face its usually the first thing people look at.

TDO: Many men still seem adverse to using skincare products. Why? And what can women do to help nudge them along?
Anthony: Men might not have access to the kinds of stores that sell these kinds of products. Also, the need to take that first step and for some, that can be the hardest part. After that, they are usually hooked. The best thing woman can do is buy them a gift. Secretly, they will try the product (in the safety and privacy of their bathroom) and more often then not, they get hooked. READ MORE

Beauty, Hair, InterviewsTDO Interview: Philip B.

Recently, we were fortunate enough to snag an interview with one of the most amazing stylists – Philip B. – and he’s given us the 411 on hair! From his style icons to blowout tips, we’ve got it all for you…check it out!

The Daily Obsession: What is your personal philosophy for hair?
Philip B: I believe hair care is a process that includes nurturing the scalp first and then keeping your hair delicately moisturized. A healthy scalp is the key to great hair!!

TDO: Who are your beauty icons (past or present)?
PB: My beauty icons are all from different eras. Jackie O. represented style and grace at its finest. As a timeless beauty, Dayle Haddon has been able to stand the test of time and still works in the cosmetic industry to this day.

TDO: What other stylists do you admire? Why?
PB: Sally Hershberger has definitely topped this list. Sally is creative, organized, and accurate with a flair for optimum style. Sally gets it right; she’s shear genius.

TDO: How did you get started in the industry?
PB: I always had a love for hair ever since I can remember. I started as an assistant in a salon at a very early age. It was a natural path for me to follow. Then, I met Sally Hershberger at 22… Life sure did get better! READ MORE

Beauty, InterviewsTDO Interview: Blogdorf Goodman

Recently, we got the chance to interview fellow blogger, Annie from Blogdorf Goodman – one of the most popular and beloved beauty blogs! We asked about how she got started, what every girl should have in her makeup bag, how to shop for beauty products and much, much more. Check it out!

The Daily Obsession: How much time do you spend researching and writing for Blogdorf Goodman. Tell us what an average day might be like.
Annie: I can spend 4 to 5 hours a day on the blog. I try to work ahead to save time but that never works out. I work on the blog in the evening and then publish the posts in the early morning.

TDO: How did you decide you wanted to start blogging and create Blogdorf Goodman?
Annie: I was encouraged by a friend and fellow blogger Robin from Now Smell This.

TDO: Are there other beauty sites or blogs that you are strongly influenced by?
Annie: I am good friends with Kristen at Beauty Addict. I think she is amazing and a fabulous writer. I also love Robin at Now Smell This, Victoria at Bois de Jasmin, Katie at Scentzilla, Michelle at All Lacquered Up, and Erika at Makeup Bag. These are some of my favorite beauty blogs.

TDO: Blogdorf Goodman is hugely successful. How have your numbers increased since being featured in publications such as Allure and the New York Times? Any tips for other beauty bloggers out there?
Annie: My traffic spiked with the mentions in the NYTimes and being linked on the blog, Off the Rack. I receive requests from new bloggers all the time for tips and strategies. I have none. I blogged because it was fun. I never dreamed that people other than my friends would read it. READ MORE

Beauty, InterviewsTDO Interview: Poppy King

We adore Poppy King, the delightful genius behind the makeup brand, Lipstick Queen. We raved about her lipsticks before – and now it’s time to find out how Poppy dreams up her fabulous concoctions! Between her jet-setting schedule and developing new lipsticks, she amazingly found the time to do an interview with us. We can’t wait to share…so, here we go!

The Daily Obsession: What made you want to begin a career in the makeup industry?
Poppy King: One thing and one thing only…..LIPSTICK! It is the only make up that I am obsessed with. I think it is the most glamorous thing a woman can wear.

TDO: How did you become so passionate about lipstick? READ MORE

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