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Bath & Body, IntimatesPerfect Pairing: Warner No Side Effects Bra and Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

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This spring (we can call it that now, right?), it’s all about taking care of your armpits. Instead of only complaining about them (amirite?), it’s time to give those forgotten body parts some love. Two of my favorite products of the moment strive to do exactly just that–and they work even doubly well when used together! Warner’s No Side Effects Bra is the first bra I’ve come across that’s dedicated to fighting “sleevage”–or in laywoman’s terms, armpit fat. In addition to being insanely comfortable, soft and cushy, the bra even contains an extra side panel solely for the purpose of tucking and smoothing away that area. So now when you’re wearing a sleeveless or silky top, you no longer have to curse your armpits–you can instead, admire them.

Speaking of sleeveless and silky shirts, they also tend to show off one other armpit pitfall and source of many complaints–wetness. This season, you can put that worry to rest too with the new Dove Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant Deodorant which delivers, not one, but two day’s worth of protection with each application. Now you don’t have to sweat it (ha ha) even if you forget a day. Of course in addition to fighting wetness and odor, the product is also packed with Dove’s nourishing skincare ingredients which soothe and smooth. Oh, and it goes on clear so you don’t have to worry about that embarrassment either. Trust me, your armpits will never be happier.

Warner’s No Side Effects Bra, #36,
Dove Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, $6,


IntimatesSheerly Pink


With the change in seasons, it’s always a great time to refresh your lingerie drawer – throw out the old, and bring in some new.  We love Felina here at TDO, and this particular Christelle bra and boyshort set is particularly lovely! This style is super feminine and sexy, while still offering full coverage. The bra and undies both have sweet bows, with a little silvery sparkle edging. It’s slightly sheer, yet still slightly opaque – and would still look pretty even if it peeks out from a thin slouchy t-shirt (like this one) that we’re all throwing on weekends when the weather warms up.

Intimates, ObsessionsObsession of the Moment: Le Mystere Isabella Bra & Boyshort


Fashion, Intimates, ShoppingFrederick’s of Hollywood Beauty Sleep Collection

Fredericks of Hollywood Beauty Sleep Collection

Once upon a time, I left one of my favorite slips — a black cotton Calvin Klein number — at an ex-boyfriend’s house after a bad breakup. To this day, I occasionally think of that slip and wish I had gone back to get it. (Figures I’d be more upset about the slip than the boyfriend.)

Now, I can finally let that little regret go. Thanks to the Frederick’s of Hollywood Beauty Sleep Collection, I have two new black numbers that are even softer and sexier than my old “flame”: the Beauty Sleep Romper and the Beauty Sleep Robe.

Each piece is $48 or less, made mostly of rayon and cut to flatter. Details like lace trim, lace paneling and peekaboo cutouts make them hotter than your average intimates. Best of all, I feel super comfortable in them and my husband finds them way more attractive than my usual getup (a tank top and pajama pants).

To browse the collection and spice up your sleepwear, visit

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Accessories, IntimatesThe Little Black Chantelle Bra


Ah summer…I don’t know about you, but my seasonal wardrobe is stocked full of sheer little pieces with delicate little straps. And if you’re anything like me, the first thought that comes to mind is “how cute” followed by “how do I wear this?” Well after a couple seasons of unsuccessfully trying to hide a nude bra underneath my summer tops, I’m here to say that the only solution is (1) start with a good back scrub and (2) wear a sexy, look-at-me black bra loud and proud. READ MORE

Intimates, ObsessionsObsession of the Moment: Frederick’s of Hollywood Extreme Cleavage Versatile Bra

Fashion, IntimatesSale Alert: Brulee Lingerie 85% Off

We don’t post sales too often on TDO, but this one is too good to pass up. One of our favorite lingerie brands, Brulee is launching a Spring sale, with up to 85% on many of their signature pieces. We’re talking silks, chiffons, teddys, chemises, and all sorts of luxurious separates that can seriously glam up a girl’s loungewear/work-from-home wardrobe. Some prices below:

•   Classic “Boyfriend” Shirt: was $146.00, now $36.50

•   Classic Soft Bra: was $108.00, now $16.20

•   Boudoir Knicker: was $81.00, now $40.50

•   Noir Teddy: was $180.00, now $45.00

•   Noir Pant: was $190.00, now $47.50

•   Vamp Tap Pant: was $86.00, now $21.50

•   Vamp Bodysuit: was $200.00, now $50.00

•   Vamp Cami: was $124.00, now $18.60

•   Vamp Chemise: Was $198.00, now $99.00

Visit their sale here.

IntimatesVa Bien Ultra Lift Strapless Bra

Raise your hand if you’ve ever just tucked your regular bra straps into the cups because you didn’t have/couldn’t be bothered with/didn’t like your strapless bra.  I’ll admit I’ve done it on more than one occasion because I couldn’t find a strapless bra I actually really liked. That is, until I came across Va Bien’s Ultimate Convertible Strapless Bra– and now I no longer need to tuck in my bra straps (I can just remove them).

When I wear anything strapless, whether it’s a dress, top or bra, my #1 complaint is that I feel like I constantly have to give it that upward tug.  Va Bien’s strapless bra, however, prevents that problem by hugging you underneath your breasts so that they feel supported- rather than doing the supporting. The edges are also lined in soft silicone which prevents the bra from budging or sliding. With Va Bien, I never have to fiddle with or tug at my bra and that helps keep whatever I’m wearing on the outside in place too.

The bra also features their patented Ultra Lift boned cups that go up to an I, which provides the necessary support for the ladies on the higher end of the size spectrum.  The cup technology also helps add size, shape, and lift- all good things for smaller gals like me.  Finally- a strapless bra that makes you feel confident and makes your clothes look great!


Beauty, Dining & Nightlife, Fashion, IntimatesTreat Yo’Self for Valentine’s Day

 I’ve been strongly anti-Valentine’s Day for a long time. There’s just so much pressure associated to the holiday, regardless of whether you are in a relationship. Pressure to make sure you live up to the expectations levied by Hallmark, movies, friends, and (maybe) your significant other. Truthfully, I’ve always believed that if you are in a “loving” relationship, V-Day shouldn’t feel that different than any other day. Which is not to say that a dozen lavendar roses or artisinal French-imported chocolates should be expected everyday, but you should feel “loved” all the time.

As for people not in relationships, I don’t think we should allow a holiday to make us feel bad about ourselves. I’ve read that February 15th is the single greatest day for filing divorces. So rest assured that not all the couples you see out and about on February 14th are happy, and there’s probably some chick fuming about her 11:15 PM V-Day reservation to the Olive Garden (per Zooey Deschanel’s SNL skit.) So let’s make this V-Day a way to be good to yourself instead. A few ways to treat yo’self below:


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