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IntimatesValentine’s Day at Frederick’s

Lingerie and intimates are always a fun plus for Valentine’s Day (and beyond, of course). Unfortunately, they’re not always affordable, or even really available in terms of sizing. So this Valentine’s Day, I turned to Frederick’s of Hollywood for some great options and at all price points and sizes. They’ve got a selection of bras, panties, shapewear, and chemises that not only make you look good, but feel good as well.

I really like Frederick’s collection of chemises in particular because you can be a little less revealing and still look and feel sexy. Take the Juliette Ruched Chemise to the right, for example. It comes in a variety of colors, and while I prefer black, the Fredericks Red would be perfect for Valentine’s! The sheer mesh adds a bit of edge, while the ruching down the middle is more flattering. The back laces up almost like a corset and there are garters and even a g-string, if you’re so inclined. Keep reading for more sale and plus size pieces! READ MORE

Fashion, Intimates, ObsessionsObsession of the Moment: Brulee Boudoir Cami & Tap Pant

IntimatesThe Lacie by Victoria’s Secret

My underwear collection has certainly outgrown the small top drawer in my bureau, and now dominates a larger, deeper drawer normally used by sweater, jeans, and bulky clothing. Yes, I have an addiction and find myself “needing” a new pair or two just about every time I indulge in retail therapy.

Within the past year or two, Hanky Panky seems to be the undergarment of choice, with their lacy, feminine design and with their “one size fits most” claim, they go with everything and fit nearly everyone. Well, Hanky Panky literally had my panties in a bunch, as they do not fit me! For someone who is of fairly average height and build, the saleswomen and I were baffled why they don”t working for me. READ MORE

Fashion, IntimatesA Little Bit of Stella in Your Life

When news came last year that Stella McCartney was branching out into lingerie, I thought the partnership was a no brainer. Stella’s naturally romantically inclined designs and her favorite color palette of midnight black, sexy nudes, and dusty pinks seemed perfectly suited to a lingerie collection. Looking through her Fall 2009 lookbook, I loved her vintage inspired, girly, and cozy looking collection.  This was the type of lingerie that was meant to be lounged in, on cold winter nights with a blazing fire and a cozy cardigan(and preferably someone to share it with.) READ MORE

IntimatesSonic Slimmers

Basically everyone I know is on a Fashion Week diet.  I attempted, but the long list of cocktail receptions, luncheons, and Labor Day Weekend, basically sabotaged any attempts I made to lose a few inches prior to the first show. It’s a good thing that I’m stocked with Kathleen Kirkwood’s Sonic Slimmers, which I’ve recently deemed to be my new favorite line of shapewear.

What makes Sonic Slimmers a step above even the most popular shapewear on the market, is that it’s thin and completely seamless.  There are no telltale wires or distinct lines and the material is so lightweight that no one can tell that I’m wearing another layer under my clothes.  The tops (and bottoms) of the panties and camis do not roll and create uncomfortable bumps.  The material is also breathable and moves easily with me.  And most importantly, I love that the shapewear sucks me in without doing it in such a way that it creates a muffin over the top- and thus defeating the purpose of shapewear.

I still haven’t figured out what my outfits will be yet this Fashion Week, but I know that Sonic Slimmers will be my only constant taking me from the tents to the parties.  The collection is available online at!

Fashion, IntimatesGoing Commando

For the slinkiest of dresses for which even a Hanky Panky shows through, try going Commando with Commando Intimates’s line of precision cut underwear.  The lightest, and most invisible underwear I’ve ever tried, Commando Intimates is made out of a patent pending material that is a silky cross between cotton and pantyhose that is positively weightless.

Making panty lines impossible and the dreaded muffin top obsolete, this underwear feels like next to nothing, and comes in a variety of styles, such as bikinis and girlshorts, and colors.  For the most invisible effect, the nude thong works best and unlike the Hanky Panky, comes in a variety of sizes so that it conforms better to your body. I’ve had friends that have used this from everything to bandage-type minidresses, figure hugging bridesmaid dresses, and sexy transparent lace wedding dresses, and we’ve all praised Commando for its comfort and its staying power–you won’t be fidgeting at any point while wearing these.

Commando Intimates is also easily machine washable, although I recommend putting it on the delicate cycle and line drying to prevent exces wear and tear.  At $20, you can find Commando Intimates on their website and also a variety of specialty lingerie stores.

Accessories, Cheap & Chic, Fashion, Home, IntimatesCheap & Chic: June 2009

IntimatesThe World’s Best Strapless Bra

Given up the search for the perfect strapless bra?  I know I had–I’ve tried and rejected many from all different types of brands, only to find that regardless of how great they fit in the dressing room, I would find myself having to discreetly do the dreaded pull-tug maneuver a few hours into wear.  That was, until I tried on the Simone Perele Velia Plunge Strapless bra.

I bought this bra on faith, without even trying it on, when I was standing online in the dressing room at Journelle, one of my favorite lingerie stories, and heard one woman proclaim to another that it was the world’s best strapless bra.  Sold on anonymous testimony online, I picked one up before venturing to the cash register and tested it out Friday night at birthday party with a strappy blue dress.

Four hours and one tequila shot later, I was happily surprised to find that bra was exactly where it was supposed to be, and I hadn’t had to do a tug-pull all night.  Extremely lightweight with a plunge in the middle for invisibility under low-cut tops, its staying power is attributed to two bands of pH-balanced latex running along the top and bottom of the band.  This means that irregardless of the condition of your skin: sweaty, dry, whatever–this bra is staying in place.

In addition to the nude color, the bra also comes in black.  The strapless bra also comes with bra straps in a little attached pouch, making it convertible into a regular bra.  The bra retails for $74 and if you order off the Journelle website, you can save during their 7 Summer Essentials programs, which is 20% off an order of $100 or more, 25% off $200 or more, or 30% off $200 or more.

Eco & Organic, IntimatesSpreegirl

While it’s nice to cozy up with snuggly PJ’s during the winter, it’s equally nice to shed some of the layers when spring comes around. Enter Spreegirl.  This contemporary intimates is designed for the girl who wants to be hip all time – even to bed!  We like their playful prints and ultra-soft fabrics. We narrowed in on their spring offerings and picked out two pieces that look like a lot of fun, but imagine to be comfy for those eight hours of shut-eye. READ MORE

IntimatesCleavage Couture

If you’re like me, you’ve probably bought many of those $60 silicone sticky bras to go with your slinky, sexy outfits – only to be worried all night about how heavy they are and the high possibility that they’ll fall down. Then basically after ten wears they stop working because you’ve either washed or sweated off all the adhesive. Sadly, the majority of my evening wear demands that I have on some kind of strapless or backless bra, so I’ve been left to no other choice but to do the incredibly unattractive and weird “boob check” every few minutes while out at a party.

Until now. I recently learned about PK Fashion Cups and decided to give them a try. Unlike the cups you may be used to, these stick to your clothes, not to your skin, therefore greatly decreasing the odds that they’ll fall off due to sweat, lotion or other moisture on your skin. They are also much lighter than their silicone counterparts so you don’t feel like you’re carrying around extra weight.  In fact, when worn correctly, PK Cups feel like you’re just wearing any other bra and are completely seamless under your clothes.  I’ve never had one fall down, but for best results, PK Fashion recommend that you wear them with a garmet that contains a lining or shelf bra. Like silicone cups, PK cups don’t really last their claimed 100 wears, but these are only $20 so you do get a much better price per wear.  Also you can’t clasp together the cups and create instant cleavage, but the push up cups do contain adequte padding underneath to give you bust a little boost.

More information can be found on their website.

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