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IntimatesLingerie for Valentine’s Day & Beyond

With Valentine’s Day just over a week away, we decided to round up some fabulous lingerie that will work wonderfully for any romantic rendezvous and beyond.  We actually tested these on three different body types, so we made sure that they’d flatter your body. We’ve divided them into three different styles: sexy, sweet and sophisticated everyday. What do you like best? READ MORE

IntimatesWacoal Lace

Bras by Wacoal are some of the most comfortable that I’ve ever tried which makes their lacy ones my go-to choice when I want something romantic without sacrificing fit or comfort. I decided to verify my findings by giving one to my mom, who has never worn Warcoal before and who never wears lace.

My mom’s the kind of lady who would wear plain cotton sports bras all year around if she could get away with it, so she was a little skeptical when I showed up asking her to test the Lusicious Lace Underwire Bra. However, only two minutes after she put it on she decided that she “really liked it” and a couple hours later, declared that she was obsessed because the straps didn’t fall off! Now I giggle when I think about her collection of the world’s most boring bras and then this great piece from Wacoal. Warcoal is great for fuller figured women because they have so much support and perfect for mature women because they add flirtatiousness without the over-the-top sexiness. Bare Necessities has an entire collection on sale right now which makes it easy to get your mom one too (or yourself) for the holidays.

IntimatesShape Yourself

With the holiday season, it means you’ll be squeezing yourself into a slew of dresses – from slinky to frothy. Instead of trying to suck in your tummy and not breathe all night, wear supportive intimates. In fact, this makes it the best time to invest in some shapewear if you don’t already have some in your closet! We’ve listed three of our tops picks below: READ MORE


We’re always looking for brands that provide luxury for less – and with the current economy, we’re looking more than ever. We recently found about the lingerie brand, Affinitas, which offers lovely intimates at an affordable price. With all items priced between $8 and $45, Affinitas employs technology to create seamless, comfortable pieces that are stitch-free, seam-free and label-free with familiar materials such as cotton, satin and lace. The offer a range of styles – from the basic to the seductive.

We tried the Gloria style, which is sweet and sultry. The lace is very smooth, so it’s seamless under t-shirts. For those who need it, you should know that their contour padding that provides a bit of lift. Overall, it’s fun and flirty – yet comfortable and supportive enough that you won’t even think twice about putting this on when you have a day of errands ahead.

For more information, visit

IntimatesCalvin Klein Seductive Comforts

When it comes to your intimates, you should look to visit your collection every season to see what items are tired and need to be replaced. This season, I’m in search of a t-shirt bra and Calvin Klein has a fantastic option. I’ve always been a fan of Calvin Klein intimates for their affordability and comfort, but the t-shirt bra from their Seductive Comfort line is also sleek and sexy, too! The Seductive Comfort line “specifically addresses a new audience with enhanced fit and comfort attributes with a special focus on C through DD cup sizes.” The bra is created in a smooth, contoured shape with a hidden elastic and cushioning for comfort. I can attest that it’s totally seamless under t-shirts (and dresses, blouses, etc.) and is so comfortable that you can wear it for 12+ hours with ease. It also makes you feel lifted and supported, but the satin-y texture of the actual item is so gorgeous and makes you feel ultra sexy.

So check your collection and see if you need a new t-shirt bra…. If so, I recommend ordering this one for $44 at, or

Intimates, ObsessionsObsession of the Moment: The Lake & Stars Love Triangle Camisole & Boy Short

Fashion, IntimatesVa Bien 1500

My latest foray into shapewear led me to Va Bien, and I have to say that I am a fan.  Va Bien has been around since 1979, which means it’s helped out multiple generations of women. Well, while I can guess that my grandmother wouldn’t be wearing anything tight enough to require shapewear, I do! And when it comes to dressing for events, not any shapewear will do, I need stuff that lifts, shrinks, tightens, and slims all while being invisible under my extremely low cut and clingy dresses. So the Va Bien Ultra-Lift Low Plunge Body Briefer, is my go to helper-piece when nothing else will work.

First, notice the plunge down the front.  This baby won’t be peeking out of anything I wear – no matter how low cut I decide to go! Likewise, the back is also very low, which is great because sometimes those tube dress shaped slips just won’t do. This piece also has some powerful sucking action as that double panel in the front keeps my stomach in line.  The body briefer also contains the patenteded ultra lift design.  Molded into the bra cups are basically two “hands” that lift your breasts up so you can make sure that you’re showing off your best assets in that sexy dress. 

All of these features, and the body briefer still manages to be seamless and stay out of the way.  Amazing! You can check out this style for yourself at the Va Bien website or at fine department stores where the brand is carried.

Intimates, New York, ShoppingA Woman’s Lingerie Store

Did you know that the majority of lingerie in the world is purchased by women?  Claire Chambers, CEO and Founder of Journelle does, which is precisely why she conceived the idea of a lingerie store tailored towards women.  The Journelle storefront is elegant and beautiful and that also describes the lingerie sold within, which is personally picked out by Claire herself.

The lingerie here is displayed like works of art, hung along the walls like paintings.  And they really are works of art: melty silks that slip through your fingers, finely wrought delicate laces, and the latest colors of the season.  The selection is woman’s dream: beautiful, functional, and fashionable, with everything from bra and panty sets, romantic slips and nightgowns, corsets, and bathrobes. READ MORE

Fashion, Intimates, ObsessionsThe Night Shirt

When it comes to seduction, if I have to pull out all the stops, I’ll reach for my La Perla set.  But to be quite honest, I’m not very good with the lace and frills.  Unless I already happened to be wearing such things, I’m not going to pack them up for a sleepover because I’ll just end up feeling silly.   Instead, I go for a subtler and, in my opinion, sexier approach – the guy’s shirt (or boxers).  It’s chic, effortless and helps radiate that comfort and confidence that I think all men find sexy.  I’m obsessed with this look!

But just in case your man hands you his torn college t-shirt instead of his pressed and starched work shirt (or if you’re in between boyfriends), just head to Claridge + King for their version of what I consider a bedtime staple. The nightshirt from Claridge +King is made specifically for you; the tailoring resembles a man’s shirt, but is made for a woman’s body.  It’s just (barely) long enough and falls in all the right places, just hinting at your curves. And if you’re actually planning on sleeping in it, it’s actually incredibly comfy and so cozy if you just take it out of the dryer.

I’ve been wearing mine nonstop around the apartment even without a man to impress.  Shirts start at $89 and are available on the Claridge + King website.

Chicago, Intimates, ShoppingFinding Intimacy in Chicago

Like many women out there, I wasn’t exactly satisfied with the assortment of bras in my dressers. Some bras lift without giving support, and some do just the opposite. Straps can slip, and I can end up with too much jiggle and cleavage or not nearly enough lift; either way, it just doesn’t look good. And don’t even get me started on sizing! I was fitted once at a popular lingerie chain, and the sales associate informed me that I was “between sizes,” either a 36C or 38C. Yeah, that was super helpful.

Enter Intimacy, a lingerie specialty store that I came across while wandering around 900 N. Michigan Ave. here in Chicago. Intimacy focuses on fashionable lingerie that actually fits well, carrying several European lingerie lines in a large array of sizes. A bra sizing specialist named Anita met with me and really put me at ease by just being pleasant and knowledgeable. She told me that many women unknowingly wear the wrong size bra–straps falling down and the appearance of back fat or “bra bulge” really mean that your bra is not fitting as it should. She fitted me without a tape measure, by just taking into account how I looked in my old bra and my body type. I went from wearing a 36C to a 32E, and Anita recommended a few lacier bras and some contoured bras like I wanted. I was so amazed because I could see the difference right away just under a t-shirt. With the right size band and cup size, my chest felt totally supported. I had just the right amount of lift and cleavage. Best of all, the bras looked perfect under clothes and without. Bye bye, back fat–and hello to a naturally lifted bust, better posture, and a better overall appearance to boot.

Even my boyfriend has noticed and appreciated the difference that Intimacy has made for me, so I definitely recommend making a fitting appointment! You can do this online for the 3 other Intimacy locations across the country, in Atlanta, NYC and Boston. Check out for more information on Intimacy, including bra fit, bra care, and sizing mistakes!

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