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Beauty, Makeup, Nails, ShoppingReturn of the Cult

On your mark, get set … buy! I am pleased to announce that I am now a delighted owner of Les Vernis Couleurs Culte de Chanel, five cult nail colors brought back from the past by Chanel for a limited time.

In line with its recent brand heritage films (perhaps my favorite bit of advertising this year), Chanel’s nostalgic turn means we get to experience Black Satin (true black), Beige (warm neutral), Rouge Noir (deep red), Particulière (taupe) and Pirate (true red) once again in all their glossy glory.

If you love these cult shades as much as I do, watch the hip little film above to get into the mani-pedi mood, then click your way over to and stock up before they sell out.

Oh, and while you’re there, check out Chanel International Makeup Artist Lisa Eldridge’s tips on how to get their Summer 2013 Beauty look. It’s inspired by butterflies!


Beauty, MakeupEndless Summer


Summer weather calls for special lipstick–one that holds up in heat or humidity, that replaces our gloss, that’s fuss-free and low key enough to wear to the beach (it’s a requirement), and packs enough color so we can just swipe and go. Naturally, we turn to Lipstick Queen, one of our all time favorite brands (they’ve perfected that balm meets stain combination like no one else). For the season, founder Poppy King has released a set of sticks aptly called Endless Summer that contains three gorgeous shades–a nude (Hang Ten), a pink (Perfect Wave), and a coral (Stoked Coral). Named after the 1966 surf movie of the same name, the Endless Summer lipstick collection is meant to be effortless, pretty, and worn for day or night. One swipe of the nourishing, ultra-glossy lipstick provides a sheer wash of prettiness for anytime but we love to layer for more intense coverage and bright color. The formulation is packed with vitamins and natural oils to keep our lips soft and hydrated–so much so, that this has replaced our balm stash now that the weather is warmer. And the shades, well they speak for themselves: it doesn’t matter which one we throw in our bag for the day, the color is guaranteed to make us look pretty and fresh. Isn’t that what we all want for the summer?

Beauty, MakeupEstee Lauder’s Batik Sun Eyeshadow Palette

elbronzeOne of my favorite things to do on vacay (besides relax and drink margaritas obviously) is experiment with makeup. No one knows me (hopefully!) and I can try new things that I wouldn’t normally have time to do when rushing out for dinner after work. I toted Estee Lauder’s new Limited Edition Pure Five Color Eyeshadow Palette in Batik Sun with me to Mexico, and it was the perfect color scheme to celebrate the clear blue ocean and orange sunrise (yes, sunrise!). The palette is part of their annual Bronze Goddess collection and the colors can be seen modeled by the goddess herself, Hillary Rhoda. I admit that these colors are not ones I’d normally choose (I love my neutral palette), but just opening the golden compact is akin to discovering treasure — brilliant teal, gold, and nude shades that add drama to any look. The neat thing is that the finishes range from matte to shimmer, so layering is encouraged and gives the eyes an added dimension.

Let me give some attention to the most exciting shade in the box — the turquoise immediately brings to mind summer and surf! I was a tad wary of wearing blue on my eyes, but it looks really beautiful when applied and then layered with the gold shimmer. Turn the volume on this vibrant shade up or down by draping the whole lid, or just applying with a liner brush along the lashline. The dark brown (with the EL logo) can be used as a brow definer or just above the lashes for an evening look. There are so many exciting combinations that the range can move from highlighting features to making an off-runway statement with bold color. I’d recommend checking out the colors in a department store near you, because with this type of color, computer screens always distort. This compact forced me to think outside the box, and my summer is looking brighter because of it!

Beauty, Makeup, ObsessionsIt’s a Benefit Spring

It’s the perfect season for cheerful new shades, don’t you think? I was so happy to discover the great spring colors from Benefit’s new collection of eyeshadows — not only is the stuff fantastic (more on that below), the retro packaging is pretty, feminine, and cheerful — perfect for both my handbag and vanity counter.

I can’t go any further without gushing a bit about the Creaseless Cream Shadow. Here’s the thing: I had a seriously scarring experience with finger-applied eyeshadow years ago and since then, I’ve been reluctant to jump back in. But in the name of beauty blogging, I slid my ring finger across the richly-colored pot of creamy shadow and cautiously applied to my eyelid. I was ecstatic. It was easy to spread and went on like silk — not at all messy or uneven as I had expected. Feeling more courageous, I layered My Two Cents onto the whole lid, then applied Bronze Have More Fun just north of my lashes, blended a bit and ended up with a perfectly coppery smokey eye. For me, long-wear is of utmost importance, and the cream shadows pass the test.  I spent all day in them, even took a short cat nap, and still managed to dash out the door for dinner with only a 30-second touch-up .

Along with the new cream shadows (my new faves!), Benefit has also released a collection of Longwear Powder Shadows, which are ideal for mixing and matching to create custom look.  Blingo silver is one of my favorites to wear alone layer over a cream shadow for some extra shimmer.  For something a little darker, Rain check?  is a purple hue that works for almost any complexion, even if you don’t normally wear color. As someone who usually reaches for neutrals, I was pretty surprised at how flattering the violet looked with my dark brown eyes. In fact, it’s almost become a bit of a daily fave — I apply with a heavier hand for a more dramatic evening and sweep on lightly over lids for a day shadow. With 22 new spring colors, the possibilities are endless… so channel your inner kid-in-a-candyshop and play with Benefit!


Lust List, MakeupCK One Graffiti

ckonecolorCK One Color is bringing back edgy! I’m loving their Street Limited Edition Pure Shine Lipstick for both what’s inside and out. The lipstick combines the benefits of a gloss, balm, and color in one, so it saves you from having to carry three products around (also perfect for this season’s cute clutches!). The result is a mix of hydration, color and shine that comes in four fun and bright colors.

The brand collaborated with graffiti artist Miss 163 to create the original artwork that’s on each lipstick cover for this limited edition summer collection. Miss 163, a.k.a. Sharon de la Cruz, is one cool chick– when asked about her moniker, she responds, “I’ve always wanted to be in a Miss Universe contest, but I’m too short, so I decided to crown myself ‘Miss 163.’” Born on 163rd Street and raised in the Bronx, Miss 163 has a mission of bringing art in the form of graffiti to those who normally wouldn’t step foot into a museum. Her work is known internationally, with many of her murals in Lima, Peru, so it’s so neat to have a little capsule of it in your pocket to pull out every time you’re ready for a pop of color. Not only is Miss 163 an artist, but she’s an activist working on a non-profit in Peru, addressing women’s health issues via the arts.

The lipstick is so comfortable to wear all day because your lips are softened with every use. It glides on perfectly and adds a girly but edgy vibe to your look. My fave colors are “Sketched” (creamy nude) and “Tagged” (a vivid pink that matches so many complexions) and I’ve even tried layering the two to get fantastic results. The colors are versatile and long-lasting and can go from day to night seamlessly. These are limited-edition designs and colors, so go get your art on!

Beauty, Eco & Organic, Los Angeles, MakeupMake a splash with Aqualillies for Tarte

What’s a great way to test waterproof makeup? Jump in a pool, of course! That’s exactly what the Aqualillies, the country’s leading water ballet troupe, did at the Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica, Calif., yesterday — each wearing a full face of new Aqualillies for Tarte makeup.

By the end of their 15-20 minute performance, they looked just as great as they did when they made their entrance.


Beauty, MakeupLip 20

Kaplan MD glossI have what can only be described as an unnatural amount of lip products stored all over my condo. I’m not exaggerating — there are some in the garage, some in my bathroom, some in the hall closet…  Lip stuff takes up a lot of space in bulk! But even so, I’m always down for discovering a new brand because, really, can one ever have too much makeup?

Kaplan MD is a brand based in Beverly Hills and they were nice enough to send over some of their LIP 20 Treatment Glosses for me to check out.  LIP 20 is the first anti-aging treatment gloss that does a ton of different things besides give your lips a shot of color — it moisturizes, repairs, enhances your lip’s natural fullness and has an SPF 20 in them so you’re protecting them from the sun every time you apply it. I tried out three different shades – Tangerine Sparkle (a bright coral), Candy Sparkle (a light pink) and Plum Sparkle (a medium plum) and liked them all.  They also have an interesting scent to them — something like licorice maybe?  Hard for me to tell, but it’s pleasant and not overpowering, so that makes it a winner in my book, whatever it is.

The glosses themselves are a bit of a splurge at $30 apiece, but they do have a luxurious feel to them – they’re not tacky or sticky at all, and they really do moisturize incredibly well. Plus, they have a little mirror at the top so you can use it to apply the gloss if you’re running around.  Such a nice touch!

Beauty, MakeupAre you a Good or Bad Witch?

urban decay oz the great and powerful palettes

Do you have a hatred of tiny, yappy dogs and getting lost in the rain, and a love of red lipstick and Rihanna? Or are you more into sparkle, princess dresses, dogs you can fit into your purse, and Taylor Swift? Be careful how you answer: Your response may indicate whether you’re more of a good or a bad witch. Or, more simply, you can take a look at Urban Decay’s duo-personality themed makeup palettes, created to celebrate the launch of Walt Disney’s Oz: The Great and Powerful to determine whether you’re more of the green or fair complexioned type. If your eye is drawn towards brown smoky tones, mossy greens, topped off by a fiercely, glossy merlot red lip, you may be a Theodora or a Mila Kunis-type. If you love metallics, shimmery champagnes and pinks, and pop purple, you may be a Glinda or a Michelle Williams-type. Each of Urban Decay’s palettes contains 6 wells of character-driven eyeshadow color, including a glossy lip pencil and an insert showing how to replicate the movie’s signature looks. So have at it– it’s good to be bad and it can be bad to be good.

Beauty, MakeupJouer Birchbox Pink

Jouer PinkThe idea of anything that is “same size, same color suits/fits all” almost always falls short of its promise and logic. There are over 7 billion people on Planet Earth, so unless a lipstick or pair of thong underwear can magically transmute to become something different for every person of different skintone or body type….well, you get the idea. But every once in a while, these things do magically appear. Think MAC’s legendary Ruby Woo, Rag and Bone jeans and to that, I’m adding Jouer Cosmetic’s lipgloss in Birchbox Pink. Jouer Cosmetic’s lip gloss is already a sheer, moisturizing, comforting kiss on the lips, but in a bright fuchsia shade, instantly transforms you into a more alive,    vibrant something of yourself (sort of like me, after a Pablo Honey tequila cocktail or two.) Birchbox, the original purporter of the beauty subscription box, created this shade in their signature pink, in conjunction with Jouer Cosmetics. This is the kind of lip gloss I swipe all over my lips while on the go, while walking, before arriving at my destination, but still looks beautiful, no matter how carelessly I apply it. On me, it looks like a mix between a dusty rose/bright pink. On my friend Jaimie, with mediterranean skin tones, it comes out like a sienna pink with a hint of brightness. And on my friend, Jennifer, with pale Irish coloring, it comes out more true to the color in the tube, a flash of just bitten, technicolor pink. It may defy logic, but all I know is that Jouer’s Birchbox Pink doesn’t fall short if its that “looks good on everyone” promise.

Beauty, MakeupChanel Attirance

chanelWe’re definitely a bit of a lipgloss kick here at TDO — there are simply too many new spring colors and collections that are just too pretty not to write about. Our latest find comes from the beauty brand we’re always obsessed with — CHANEL — which launched a limited edition shade for spring called Attirance. As part of the Rogue Allure Extrait de Gloss collection, the product is housed in a heavyweight black tube inspired by Chanel’s iconic lipsticks. The regal and formal nature of the packaging belies the product inside — the gloss itself is very smooth and silky and this color in particular has a lightness to it that makes it perfect for warmer days ahead.

Though described as a coppery-beige, I actually found the color to be more of a golden peach as there is none of that dense flatness I usually tend to find with both copper and beige. The formulation is sheer and lets the natural color of your lips show through, adding dimension and a subtle, beautiful sparkle. As one would expect from Chanel, there is no grittiness or glitter to the product, instead the fine gold sparkle is encapsulated in a moisturizing and silky gloss. The color can be worn on its own for those who prefer a natural look, or layered over color to help enhance the shape and fullness of the lip. In fact, this is that perfect shade to gloss to dabble on the center of the lips to add fullness regardless of any color lipstick underneath. My preference, however, is just to let the product shine on its own, and as the day gets sunnier and my makeup turns more natural, this will be the perfect gloss to carry over into summer beach days and bonfire nights. $32 at 

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