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Beauty, MakeupRimmel Fresh, Flawless Summer Face — with a Twist


One of the things I like best right now about Rimmel London, besides the fact that Kate Moss is plastered all over their website, is their Fresh, Flawless Summer Face look. It’s super simple and puts focus on perfect skin and eyebrows — my key must-haves for “no makeup makeup” days. Best of all, it keeps you looking awake all day and translates easily to night if you apply a bold lip. The overall effect is both runway-inspired and fit for daily wear!

To get the basic Rimmel Fresh, Flawless Face, all you really need are four items (each under $10): READ MORE

Beauty, MakeupPlay With the Moondust

udmoondustAhh Urban Decay: it’s my go to makeup brand for a lot of different occasions, but I especially turn to them whenever I want to sparkle. Simply put, they make some of the best (and easiest to use) glittery makeup out there. So when I heard about their new Moondust Eyeshadows, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Available in seven different shades, these are definitely not for the woman who’s afraid to shine because they are ALL about the glitter–you can see it in the pan and you can definitely see it when you put them on. But don’t be scared because they’re such great shadows for a night out since just one layer will do the trick (just be careful to limit fallout when you’re applying them because like any glitter shadows, that can sometimes be an issue). For extra drama, I like to apply them wet for a very pigmented pop of color. My two favorites shades from the collection are Moonspoon (a medium gray with bright silver sparkle) and Intergalactic (a medium purple with bright silver sparkle) but I could happily own them all.  You can also use them in Urban Decay’s Build Your Own Palette system, so that gives you the flexibility to package them with any shadow they make. I plan to make a palette of four of the Moondust shades.  Get ready to sparkle the summer away!

Beauty, MakeupComing Soon: Chanel Les Beiges

Chanel Les Beiges

If you’re a Chanel lover and you haven’t tried Les Beiges yet, get ready! It’s debuting in August. I have been using it daily and it’s a fantastic multitasker. At first glance, it just seems like a bronzer, but it’s a tad different. The super sheer powder not only enhances your complexion with a soft, very natural glow, it helps set makeup and provides sun protection with SPF 15. READ MORE

Beauty, MakeupDay and Night Glosses for Summer

As a self-proclaimed gloss-addict, I’m always looking for new tubes to add to my collection. Every gloss has its own personality (tart! demure! sophisticated!), and so depending on the occasion or my mood, there’s always a gloss that’s a perfect fit. My latest two summer gloss obsessions are like siblings that complement each other but each shine in their own way!

For everyday wear, I’m loving bitebeautyBite Beauty’s Lush Fruit Lip Gloss. The product is sheer but creates a full, shiny, and luscious look for lips during the day. Best part? It’s actually infusing anti-aging goodness into the lips while adding a touch of color to perfect a look. Although I usually eschew “frutti tutti” type sugary lip treatments, I love the smoothie-like idea behind Lush Fruit gloss because doesn’t just taste like fruit, it’s actually infused with coconuts, mangos, and strawberries. Apricot and avocado oils are saturated with antioxidants to fight free radicals that cause aging of the lip line. For all the reasons the fruits are good for the body, the gloss is great for lips. Of the 12 colors, my go-to is Garnet, a bright pink (but not gaudy!) that adds a punch to any outfit. As soon as it’s applied, my lips are hydrated and happy for hours–and since the glosses are waterproof, swimming and sipping some bubbly don’t mean I have to reapply immediately. The glosses are formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates–there’s no room for them after the seven nourishing fruit oils!

lancomeFor evenings out, I’ll turn to something with a bit more pigmented. Lancome’s Gloss in Love comes in 12 bright shades and when applied, they create a “vinyl shine” which is the perfect description. I love the smooth, larger-than-life shine, and seamless look. I find that moisturizing my lips with a good balm beforehand boosts performance even more. The packaging is very well thought out- a little button releases the wand, so no unscrewing necessary. The wand itself is angled in such a way that it hugs your lips and gives full coverage. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my fave fun shade, Blink Pink, that I’m going back for more!


Beauty, MakeupDolce & Gabbana Makeup: True Monica Collection


Occasionally I wonder if I have some Italian blood in me, due in part to alarmingly strong cravings for truffle pasta, my adoration for the Amalfi Coast, and the fact that I consider Monica Bellucci the epitome of timeless beauty. Ms. Belluci has been a longtime muse of the ultimate Italian label, Dolce & Gabbana, and a recent collaboration between the two has resulted in the True Monica Collection. “We are constantly inspired by Monica Bellucci, to us she will always be the original Dolce & Gabbana woman; naturally, timelessly beautiful with an unwavering strength of character on the inside,” say Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. As a screen icon and model, Monica Belluci has had every conceivable look done, and has created this perfectly curated palette to bear her name as her signature style. The shade collection consists of a sexy color palette for a head-to-toe makeover including shades for the eyes, lips, and nails. Creating a gorgeous face is an art form, starting with a dramatic smokey eye paired perfectly with a voluptuous kiss-ready lip. The passion exuding from the rich colors is powerful–use with caution! READ MORE

Beauty, MakeupI’m Blushing…

josiemaranBlush is one of my least favorite makeup items to buy. I don’t know why–it’s just so… boring (I know they’re important for a complete beauty look…but just telling the truth here guys!) to me.  So any time I can try a blush that’s a little bit different than my normal powder ones, I’m excited. Enter Josie Maran’s new Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelées. These adorable little pots of color actually make blush (dare I say it?) kind of fun! First of all, the colors are just so juicy and irresistible and the texture makes them perfect for summer (try popping them in the fridge for a cool color refresh.) This gel blush is build-able with what I’d call sort of a thick gel consistency–you swipe your finger over the top and then rub the color onto your cheeks. It’s very easy to blend, so there are no weird streaks of color left behind (total pet peeve). The two shades I tried gave me a natural flush of color that lasted all day and didn’t dry out my skin (the gelées are infused with 50% pure coconut water, so they’re very hydrating). I also like that there are only six shades available–all the basics (pink, orange, nude, wine, red…) are covered, but you don’t have to stand in front of the display for an hour trying to figure out which of the ten pinks shades are best for you. I might have to buy all six of the colors so I can actually enjoy using blush again.  So fun!


Beauty, MakeupBrighten Your Summer


I love summer makeup: it’s just so cheerful and full of color– perfect for lazy days at the beach or sizzling nighttime looks.  I could buy it all!

Stila’s new summer collection is one of my favorites this season. I’m totally obsessed with their new Countless Color Pigments. These little compacts of color come in almost neon packaging so they’re easily spottable in your bag, and each shade has a combination of three of four different colors in it. They’re all swirled around, almost like a watercolor painting.  Very, very pretty. I know it doesn’t matter if your makeup is pretty, only that it works, but still–it somehow makes it a better purchase if it’s aesthetically pleasing as well. The fun part comes in deciding how to use the shades–you can either put them on individually or swirl your brush over the entire compact, getting one mixed shade out of it. Either way, the colors are all gorgeous and fun. READ MORE

Beauty, Makeup, Nails, ShoppingReturn of the Cult

On your mark, get set … buy! I am pleased to announce that I am now a delighted owner of Les Vernis Couleurs Culte de Chanel, five cult nail colors brought back from the past by Chanel for a limited time.

In line with its recent brand heritage films (perhaps my favorite bit of advertising this year), Chanel’s nostalgic turn means we get to experience Black Satin (true black), Beige (warm neutral), Rouge Noir (deep red), Particulière (taupe) and Pirate (true red) once again in all their glossy glory.

If you love these cult shades as much as I do, watch the hip little film above to get into the mani-pedi mood, then click your way over to and stock up before they sell out.

Oh, and while you’re there, check out Chanel International Makeup Artist Lisa Eldridge’s tips on how to get their Summer 2013 Beauty look. It’s inspired by butterflies!


Beauty, MakeupEndless Summer


Summer weather calls for special lipstick–one that holds up in heat or humidity, that replaces our gloss, that’s fuss-free and low key enough to wear to the beach (it’s a requirement), and packs enough color so we can just swipe and go. Naturally, we turn to Lipstick Queen, one of our all time favorite brands (they’ve perfected that balm meets stain combination like no one else). For the season, founder Poppy King has released a set of sticks aptly called Endless Summer that contains three gorgeous shades–a nude (Hang Ten), a pink (Perfect Wave), and a coral (Stoked Coral). Named after the 1966 surf movie of the same name, the Endless Summer lipstick collection is meant to be effortless, pretty, and worn for day or night. One swipe of the nourishing, ultra-glossy lipstick provides a sheer wash of prettiness for anytime but we love to layer for more intense coverage and bright color. The formulation is packed with vitamins and natural oils to keep our lips soft and hydrated–so much so, that this has replaced our balm stash now that the weather is warmer. And the shades, well they speak for themselves: it doesn’t matter which one we throw in our bag for the day, the color is guaranteed to make us look pretty and fresh. Isn’t that what we all want for the summer?

Beauty, MakeupEstee Lauder’s Batik Sun Eyeshadow Palette

elbronzeOne of my favorite things to do on vacay (besides relax and drink margaritas obviously) is experiment with makeup. No one knows me (hopefully!) and I can try new things that I wouldn’t normally have time to do when rushing out for dinner after work. I toted Estee Lauder’s new Limited Edition Pure Five Color Eyeshadow Palette in Batik Sun with me to Mexico, and it was the perfect color scheme to celebrate the clear blue ocean and orange sunrise (yes, sunrise!). The palette is part of their annual Bronze Goddess collection and the colors can be seen modeled by the goddess herself, Hillary Rhoda. I admit that these colors are not ones I’d normally choose (I love my neutral palette), but just opening the golden compact is akin to discovering treasure — brilliant teal, gold, and nude shades that add drama to any look. The neat thing is that the finishes range from matte to shimmer, so layering is encouraged and gives the eyes an added dimension.

Let me give some attention to the most exciting shade in the box — the turquoise immediately brings to mind summer and surf! I was a tad wary of wearing blue on my eyes, but it looks really beautiful when applied and then layered with the gold shimmer. Turn the volume on this vibrant shade up or down by draping the whole lid, or just applying with a liner brush along the lashline. The dark brown (with the EL logo) can be used as a brow definer or just above the lashes for an evening look. There are so many exciting combinations that the range can move from highlighting features to making an off-runway statement with bold color. I’d recommend checking out the colors in a department store near you, because with this type of color, computer screens always distort. This compact forced me to think outside the box, and my summer is looking brighter because of it!

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