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Beauty, Eco & Organic, Fragrance, New YorkAdieu, Chanel. Bonjour, Lurk.

LURKOnce upon a time, I subjected myself to this harrowing 30-day beauty product fast, after which I discovered I was allergic to most of my beauty products — including my beloved Chanel perfumes. (Moment of silence, please.)

Reluctant to give up my beloved Mademoiselle, I remembered this New York Times article, which basically defended synthetic fragrances as misunderstood scapegoats. But the fact remained that every time I applied a synthetic fragrance (almost every big-name brand out there), I sneezed. And so — discussions about molecular structure aside — it was easier for me to believe I was allergic to all synthetic fragrances.

Fast forward several years to my meeting with Kristi Head, co-founder of Lurk — a solution for people like me. The N.Y.C.-based company recently launched their first line of natural fragrances, comprised of five perfume oils that almost anyone can wear without worrying about an allergic reaction. READ MORE

New York, Spas & SalonsCurrant Affairs


If the state of current affairs has got you a little down…well I don’t blame you. As an avid news reader and a bit of a worrywart, I find myself constantly stressed out these days about everything ranging from my 401k to how safe I am on the subway. Obviously all that stress can’t be healthy, so here’s a bit of good news: Eve Salon’s limited edition Currant Affairs pedicure will help you unwind and relax, and the delicious spiked tea that comes with the service will definitely take any remaining edge off.

We’re pretty big fans of Eve Salon here at TDO — in fact, I’ve been known to trek downtown and crosstown to check in for my manis and pedis throughout the years. They’ve got a friendly, cheerful ambiance that balances neighborhood warmth, top notch service, and (most important of all) spic and span cleanliness. Plus their rotating special seasonal services are always a draw. The Currant Affairs pedicure features 45 minutes of softening and pampering for your feet with a selection of rich, berry colored polishes to match (though, of course, you can choose any shade you like). Sink back into the plush pillows as Whish’s limited edition Black Currant Sugar Scrub sloughs off any wintery patches and Black Currant Body Butter helps soften and smooth every edge of your feet. Indulge with a cup of Stash’s Blackcurrant tea, which can be kicked up a notch with a splash of Creme de Cassis (highly recommended). I also love taking the time to give my overactive mind a break too, with Eve’s ever-growing stash of current reading material — of the celebrity and gossip kind, of course.

Eve Salon is located at 55 W. 8th St. in NYC.  For more info, visit or call 212-807-8054.

Beauty, Fashion, New York, Spas & SalonsGingerbread Cookie Brazilian Wax at Strip

I’m about to get personal for a second. I do love a good wax (everyone has their reasons; for me, I just don’t like hair) but it can be hard to find a place that’s not awkward, clinical, or just too-serious. I also love painlessness (as close as you can get), easy-going aestheticians, a fun space, and during the winter months —  some good holiday cheer. A couple weeks ago I finally had the chance to try out Strip: Ministry of Waxing — which checked off all of those aforementioned good qualities — and had just introduced its seasonal Gingerbread Cookie Wax, freshly imported from across the pond. No before/after pictures, but a report on the experience is below: READ MORE

Beauty, Fashion, Fashion Week, New YorkYour Guide to Fashion’s Night Out Freebies

“Excuse me. Sorry. Just trying to get by. Ow, my toe’s wet. Excusez-moi….” Last year’s Fashion’s Night Out was fun and all, but after repeating the preceding 5 phrases verbatim while fighting off the uptown scrum, I’ve resolved to take it easy this year. After all, Fashion’s Night Out is all about fun and scoring exclusives, free munchies, drinks, and that elusive picture with Kim Kardashian you can smugly upload to Twitter. Here’s our guide to maximize your ROF (return on fun) with minimal effort:


Ponytail bar, smokey eye station, DIY arm party bar and nail art from Rebecca Minkoff at Saks Fifth Avenue, 5th Floor at 611 Fifth Avenue.

One-upping her circus theme from last year, Stacey Bendet is planning an ’80s themed sleepover with chick flicks, braid bars, manicures, charm bracelet stations, tattoo bars, and palm readers at 80 West 40th Street. 


The most iconic hairstyles to come out of Fashion Week (like last season’s side braid at Alexander Wang) come from the hands of Redken’s creative consultant, Guido Palau (just profiled in the NYTimes.) Redken stylists will be on hand at 565 Fifth Avenue between 46th and 47th Streets to give you the season’s trendiest hairstyles.

Come to Intermix at 812 Washington Street for makeup touchups from Benefit Beauty and music from The Knocks.


Beauty, Fragrance, Los Angeles, New YorkCoco Noir is the new Black

Like Gabrielle Chanel, sometimes I’m in the mood to wear black head to toe; but other times, I just want to evoke the feeling of black without looking like I’m going to a funeral. Enter Coco Noir, the latest women’s fragrance to emerge from the house of Chanel. An LBD of fragrances, it is all at once mysterious, intense, seductive and luxurious — as if Chanel No. 5 and Coco Mademoiselle joined forces. READ MORE

Hair, New York, Spas & SalonsOld Fashioned Marilyn, Straight Up

No color, no cuts, just blow-outs. Now why didn’t I think of the Drybar concept? I’m filing this under “Things I Wish I had Invented,” taking its place alongside post-its, designer jeans, and Rent the Runway.  For $40 and about an hour, you get to watch a movie and drink, as a stylist washes your hair and helps you choose from a menu of blow-out looks.

The blow-out “menu” has 11 choices range from the Manhattan (super straight, sleek) to the Mai-Tai (beach waves). And specially, for the month of August, they’ll have a new addition to the menu: the Old-Fashioned, inspired by Marilyn Monroe.

It’s a super-coiffed, 50’s screen siren inspired hairstyle, with smooth, loose curls. In honor of Miss Monroe, Drybar will also be showing her movies so you can sit back and enjoy her greatness in Some Like It Hot and How to Marry a Millionaire via the Forever Marilyn: Blu-ray Collection. What? You’ve never seen her movies before? Then I suggest you you start with this clip.


New York, Spas & SalonsArrojo Studio

For a beauty writer, I go an embarrassingly long time between hair salon appointments. I literally get my hair cut once a year. Highlights are a bi-yearly occurrence. Terrible, I know. Last year, I tried to pretend my highlight roots were the newest ombre hair trend. But my four inches of pitch-black roots weren’t fooling anyone–this was no intentional ombre or attempt to be trendy. The final sign that I had to get the situation under control was when a guy I was dating commented about “how I was going back to my natural hair color.” This was a dude that was oblivious to any kind of sartorial change and could tell zero difference between five pairs of Warby Parkers I once modeled for him. So, clearly–a problem that needed to be addressed ASAP.

If you’re a faithful What Not to Wear watcher, you’re already familiar with the name Nick Arrojo and his gentle, practically Hippocratic manner.He’s probably never sworn an official oath, but you know he would never do harm to your hair, and that’s the attitude you feel from his fellow stylists and colorists at his signature salon. READ MORE

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