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New York, Spas & SalonsAn Ouchless Brazilian (Practically)

While getting ready to write this piece, I was reminded of an early Vanity Fair piece by Christopher Hitchens (R.I.P) in which he details his experience of getting waxed at the ultra hip, “inventor of the Brazilian” salon, J Sisters. He describes, “I was overwhelmed by a sudden access of lava-like agony, accompanied by the vertiginous sensation that there was no there there. ” “The combined effect was like being tortured for information that you do not possess, with intervals for a (incidentally very costly) sandpaper handjob.” After reading it, I smugly thought, “Sissy” and convinced that men for all their perceived machismo, lack the pain tolerance of women. Try getting that “sandpaper handjob” every single month, Mr. Hitchens and then we will talk.

But to Mr. Hitchen’s credit, the pain of getting waxed differs from salon to technician.  You’ve read before about our healthy love of Shobha, for their clean and super efficient experts. Another favorite to add to the list is European Wax Center, who are bringing the advent of the stripless wax to NYC, with their purple, patented wax. A painless Brazilian sounds like an oxymoron, sort of like a painless diet, popular Kardashian, or a faithful Newt Gingrich. But in truth, I had one of the least painful hair-removal procedures of my life at EWC. You start off the procedure by meeting with one of the efficient and friendly technicians, who take the time to walk you through the 4 step hair removal process. The first two steps, cleanse and protect, are to prep you for the removal process using a light pre-wax cleanser to remove any makeup, oil or lotion and a pre-wax oil to create a protective barrier between the skin and the wax. EWC’s exclusive Comfort Wax has a lower melting point than other traditional waxes so you don’t experience the “lava-like” temperatures Hitchens referenced. READ MORE

Dining & Nightlife, Food, New YorkDig Inn (and Keep your New Year’s Resolution)

A few weeks before the holidays I was introduced to Dig Inn, a market to table “fast food” restaurant that New Yorkers might categorize as a “work day lunch spot.” Having been a freelancer for a while now working from home, I’d kind of fallen out of the loop with lunch spots for office professionals and was eager to check it out.  As it turns out, Dig Inn is the reincarnation of Pump Energy Food, a lunch joint that I did used to frequent while I was working an office job.  Pump was originally created for the New Yorker that craved healthy and nutrient rich foods- but the flip side was that it actually had that healthy (no butter, low sodium etc)  taste.  Dig Inn also serves healthy fare- but with the philosophy that being healthy doesn’t mean depriving yourself- but rather eating dishes prepared with fresh, high quality, wholesome ingredients and making smart choices.  In other words, the food at Dig Inn taste delicious but are still made with a conscious effort to be good for you.



Fashion, Food, Interviews, New YorkHave You Met Donatella?

Donatella Arpaia, that is. You may have visited one of her many numerous restaurants, seen her sitting next to Jeffrey Steingarten as one of the judges on Iron Chef America or recognize her as the winner of Meatball Madness, beating out chefs like Andrew Carmellini. She returns to the New York Food and Wine Festival September 29th to defend her title. We caught up with her before her meatball battle and next big project: the birth of her baby! Read on to see what pregnant chefs crave and her favorite munchies in New York City.

The Daily Obsession: Legend has it that you used to be a corporate lawyer before going into food. How did you decide to make the switch and why? Were you wrestled with indecision?

Donatella Arpaia: I grew up in the restaurant business and my father and brother are both restaurateurs so it’s in my DNA, but from early on I was encouraged to be a lawyer. I enjoyed the study of law but hated the practice of it. At the time I was living in a small studio above my brotherls restaurant, Cellini on 54th st. I was grabbing a bite at the bar when I saw my brother needed help because his hostess didn’t show up I got up and pitched in. That was it! I knew at that moment I needed to change directions. I struggled a bit because I studied so hard and a lot was invested in my education, but really, I had no doubt about the change of course I was about to embark on. I never looked back!

TDO: For many people, pursuing a career in food is a dream—what advice would you give to them for success?

DA: Food is a wonderful and exciting ride but many people have only a very limited idea of what the reality of this industry is like. It’s hard ! I recommend they work in area of food they are interested in to get a really good taste of the reality of this industry. You must be extremely committed and passionate to succeed. READ MORE

Fashion, Fashion Week, New YorkSpring 2012 Gowns I’d Love to See At the Emmys

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Fashion, Fashion Week, New YorkObsessions from Tibi SS12

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Fashion, Fashion Week, New YorkObsessions from Rachel Roy SS12

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Fashion, Fashion Week, New YorkTrendspotting: Yellow Fever SS12

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Fashion, Fashion Week, New YorkObsessions from Yigal Azrouël SS12

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Fashion, Fashion Week, New YorkObsessions from Yigal AZROUËL’s Diffusion Line Cut 25

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Fashion, Fashion Week, New YorkAlexander Wang’s New Style Star: His Niece

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