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Accessories, Jewelry, ObsessionsObsession of the Moment: J/Hadley Jewelry Green Onyx Earrings

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Beauty, Obsessions, SkincareThe Best Exfoliator Ever

Holy moly guys. It’s not every day that I come across a product I love so much I feel the need to write about it within minutes of trying it. But the Pro+Therapy MD-Gentle Skin Polishing Exfoliator that I popped open in the shower yesterday is so amazing I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it!  (Yes I am going a little crazy over exfoliator. #beautyeditorproblems)

The product is cool because it’s a gentle formulation that includes great technology that prevents you from over-exfoliating. The exfoliating beads actually dissolve around the 2 minute mark so you’ll never hurt your skin by accidentally scrubbing too much. But in addition to jelly beads that fizz away, the product also contains a few key ingredients like Kinetin and Zeatin that help treat the skin and encourage regular cell turnover. So the two minutes you spend scrubbing both helps exfoliate dead cells manually and also helps your skin rejuvenate over the long run.

But all that aside, what I was most impressed with were the immediate results (and I *never* say that). My skin was ridiculously glowing all day long. No makeup, no moisturizer- it was just radiance from an exfoliator. Color me very, very impressed- this is definitely one product I’ll never need a reminder to use.

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