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Home, Paper GoodsFamille Summerbelle: A Touch of Whimsy

NYCSilverNewI’m always in search of chic accents to add some unique charm to everyday home life, and am guilty of an affinity towards anything European. I was happy to come upon Famille Summerbelle, a family-run company based in the UK. All products are thoughtfully designed by Julie Marabelle who has a background in Fine Art and Theatre Design, which is apparent in the vibrant color and artistry. The beautiful city prints and cut-outs are so whimsical, I couldn’t resist the renditions of my favorite cities, New York and Paris. My hand screen-printed silver print arrived from across the pond and I immediately began marveling over the nuances that only a New Yorker would recognize! The details are amazing- the tramway going to Roosevelt Island is so cute, as is the guitarist playing tunes in the East Village. I’m dreaming of summer days and outdoor bands! READ MORE

Paper GoodsSend Paperless Love from Kelly Wearstler

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Uh-oh! Did you forget to get your sweetie something for Valentine’s Day today? Sign up quickly for Paperless Post and send one of these beautiful e-cards, designed by Kelly Wearstler. Some of my favorites?

Endless Love Card: The subtle heart pattern embedded in the striped is so sweet, yet glam. (Psstt, guys…Your girl will love this!)
XO Card: A simple XO is perfect to send to your bestie – whether she’s single or with a significant other – just to remind her how much you love and appreciate her.
Love Struck Card — Forget about the guys…this one is simple, yet fun – perfect for throwing an impromptu girls’ night out.

Paper GoodsPost-It Attach and Go Pocket

postitDuring my run as a corporate gal, I was really into having the perfect work desk–I felt crippled without the usual desk gadgets and always had to have everything in the right place. Then, about a year or so ago, I switched over to freelance life aka taking meetings out of out of different spaces, working out of home/coffee shops, and basically being a traveling lady with a different routine every day. I realized that my new work lifestyle required a whole new set of tools: gone were the days of tape dispensers, staplers, and nicely organized metal filing systems. Instead, I was looking for mobile tools that were lightweight, kept me organized, and weren’t such a pain to use that they become messes themselves (I don’t know about you, but I already have enough randomness floating around in the bottom of my bags).

That’s when good ol’ office supply brand Post-it came to the rescue. My newest obsession is their Attach and Go Pocket, which has become this mobile working gal’s savior. I attach the clear pocket, which comes in a handy 9×12 size,  to the front of my laptop  (the main thing I travel with during the day) and throw in anything I need for meetings, appointments, and just general work for the day. The large size sits perfectly on my 13in laptop and fits all the essentials: papers, pens, and notepads. The velcro fasteners are also super secure so I never have to worry about anything falling out. Sure, I might look a little bit strange with a folder stuck onto the front of my laptop, but the functionality is so good that I don’t even care.

The folders come in various sizes to fit iPads, notebooks, laptops…whatever you want to stick them on. The 9×12 is only $5 so take my word for it and grab one yourself. Trust, I wouldn’t get so excited about a Post-it unless it was really that good!


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Obsessions, Paper GoodsObsession of the Moment: Dempsey & Carroll Grazie Thank You Cards

Paper GoodsKeel’s Simple Diary

If you’ve always wanted to keep a diary but are daunted by a blank page, Taschen’s Keel’s Simple Diary, Volume II is for you. Like a helpful  psychotherapist, Keel’s Simple Diary prompts you with easy, but unusual questions, to get to the heart of how you felt about your day. Except your therapist probably hasn’t ever asked you questions like, “Your day was 1. a schnitzel 2. baloney 3. catastrophe. Explain why.” The questions are quirky, but purposeful, designed to help you open up about your day because Phillip Keel (writer, artist) knows the three universal truths about trying to keep a journal:

1. Not every day is very eventful.
2. It actually takes a lot of discipline to write.
3. In retrospect, many find what they have written embarrassing.

The playful questions make the diary fun, without being intimidating to maintain,and help with the recording of life’s little moments. As Taschen says, “Simple Diary™ is Keel’s response to having too much information and not enough meaning, and needing to remember what made him smile. Three volumes and many pastrami sandwiches later, Keel finally had the answers to his own questions. Simple Diary™ is the culmination of his quest to gain insight into who we are, and why we do what we do.” The newest version of the diary is Volume Two (called The Ladybug edition), following the bestseller success of Volume one (the Cloverleaf Edition).  Aesthetically,  the diary also is a fine work of paper (an odd thing to say, but as someone who appreciate good paper stock, this is true) with lightly gold embossed pages and a glossy, leather hardware cover with 12 different color options. I chose vintage yellow, since I love its energizing color, but the robin’s egg blue and olive green are equally beautiful. The book retails at a list price of $15.

Paper GoodsCandy Girl Greeting

Bonnie Marcus brings us stylish holiday cheer with a wide variety of greeting, thank you and invite cards for every occasion. Whether you’re hosting a festive fete or just want to drop someone a jolly holiday note – the Candy Cane Girl cards are playful and always in good taste with a portion going towards The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Get 25 5×7 cards and matching white envelopes, printed on recycled stock for $37.50 – perfect for sending out all your holiday greetings to your loved ones!

Paper GoodsBack to School Cool

Back to school cool! Our favorite time of the year; who doesn’t love the smell of fresh new binders and pens?  Revamp your desk, home office or study with a few key pieces that we just can’t live without. READ MORE

Paper GoodsLobotoMe Mom-Me-Kit

Just about every woman feels the need to keep meticulously organized while remaining eco-friendly! strives to provide the utmost earth loving organizational tools made locally to minimize shipping and transporting related emissions. Of course they are also made from recycled materials and soy based inks and are aptly described as being as good for your sanity as they are for the earth.  The Helping Moms Stay Sane! Kit includes; the MomME Planner which plans your life out one week at a time in a perfectly compact format as well as the HelpME, CheckME, FeedMe and SitME Note Pads.

$45.95 at, 20% off and free shipping for a limited time only.

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