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Boston, Fitness & Health, ShoesBalega Running Socks

Sometimes the littlest things in life make me so happy. Things as little as a new pair of socks! After buying a fantastic new pair of running shoes at Marathon Sports,  the salesperson suggested I try out a pair of Balega running socks. Located in South Africa, Balega means “to move with speed” in  Zulu, which seems appropriate for a company that only manufactures running socks! Sure, I’ve always worn athletic socks when running, but I honestly had no idea socks specific to running even existed!

What I initially noticed about my Lady Ventilator‘s was the softness and flexibility of the fabric, yet were able to give my arches the extra support they need. I absolutely hate when my sock “fall down” by the heel, but these have an extra-deep heel that prevents sock slippage. Finally, and the best part, is that my socks weren’t drenched after a seven mile run. Particularly on longer runs, wet socks are no fun, but the “dynamic moisture management” system in combination with the mesh fabric allowed my feet to breath! Honestly, my new Balega’s, in combination with a new pair of Nike Air Max Moto+ (appropriate for my diagnosed wide, flat, and flexible feet) have allowed me to have the most comfortable and longest runs of my life!

New gym clothes, shoes, or even socks are always a great motivator for me to get to the gym and continue living a (semi) healthy lifestyle! If you’re a runner, I urge you to give these socks a try. And if you live in Boston, head to Marathon Sports for all your running needs. These people know feet and will prescribe you with the best sneakers, socks, and running gear to get the best out of your workouts!

Accessories, ShoesTorino Boots by Sorel

In my mind, “fashionable snow boots” are a huge oxymoron. How can anyone look even remotely fashionable while trudging through snow and sub-zero temps? Well, you can flip through Vogue and see the latest ad campaign by Sorel, which pairs city scenes, night-out clothing, and snow boots to create the hottest new trend in winter boots. As an ex-Ugg loyalist, I’ve found the best solution to my snow-boot woes: Torino Boots by Sorel.

After the first blizzard of the season here in Boston, I can say for certain that my Sorel’s were one of the best purchases I’ve made this season. At $95, not only are the boots reasonably priced and super cute, but kept my feet toasty and cozy while trudging through snowbanks and slippery sidewalks (they’re completely waterproof with full fleece lining). While they are shorter variety of snowboots, one can easily layer funky knit legwarmers over their pants or leggings for additional warmth.

Forget about pain; comfort is beauty! If you’re in need of a pair of boots to keep you dry and warm through the Winter months, check out Sorel! Available at and

Accessories, Obsessions, ShoesObsession of the Moment: Loeffler Randall Carlie Mignon Twist Sandal

Accessories, Fashion, Hotels, International, Jewelry, Lust List, Shoes, TravelLust List: November 2009

ShoesA Louboutin Substitute

img-thingFor my birthday this year, I was determined to splurge and finally purchase the holy grail of footwear: a Christian Louboutin shoe.  I’ve lusted after a pair ever since I saw the elongating effects of the hidden platform, that skinny pindrop heel, and wanted to become a member of the red-soled troops of fashionistas that I so frequently saw during New York Fashion Week.   So finally on August 6th, I made my way to Saks, and requested to try on my first pair: the 5 inch Patent Pump.

In addition to the obvious aesthetic effects, I’ve heard many things about the fit and comfort of his shoes.  “So comfortable I could run in them all day!” I remembered a starlet trilling about in a weekly magazine,  “The hidden platform is the secret!”  With anticipation, I expectantly slid my foot into the shoe, and stood up, expecting to feel air on my feet, and that magical feeling you get when you are wearing a great shoe–the feeling of nothingness and lightness.  Unfortunately, I felt something and it wasn’t very comfortable–the shoe felt stiff and rigid and my feet felt piched and tight. I feel this a lot when I wear heels of a high height, thanks to a wide foot and high arches, but had hoped that Louboutins would be different. READ MORE

Fashion, ShoesUgg-ly No More

This winter, I’m making a resolution that I should have long made: I’m putting down the Ugg.  I have to admit that I’ve never found the Ugg to be Ugg-ly, but have found them cute since the beginning.  I’ve faithfully loved my beloved Uggs through 6 winters now, beginning in College, and have gone through 2 pairs.  One Sand, one Chestnut pair, have survived through the various cold weather conditions: the 26.9 inch New York City snow blizzard of 1996, the snow slopes of Vail, Colorado, and the assorted various flurries and gray-slate melty slush puddles that are all over NYC sidewalks in Winter.

My Australian friends were appalled that Americans like me wore their Uggs everywhere, because they wear them specifically for beaches and after surfing, since they wick away moisture and water.  I’ve loved them for their pillowy comfiness (is there anything softer than that sheepswool?)  Unfortunately, there are 2 big problems with using the Ugg as a winter snow boot.  1.  The boots aren’t exactly waterproof, so occasionally, my toes wound up ice cold after accidentally stepping into a snow bank.  2.  As they weren’t designed for snow, the sidewalk salt and snow ruin the soft sheepskin.

This winter, I’m determined to find other cute, cold weather boots and I’ve found my top picks below: READ MORE

Accessories, Fashion, Jewelry, Lust List, ShoesLust List: October 2009

Chicago, Fashion, Fitness & Health, ShoesNike’s Chicago Marathon Collection

One of Chicago’s best events every year is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, coming up this Sunday on October 11th. Whether you’re running it yourself, or cheering on a friend, it’s a fantastic way to get to know the city a little better. The Marathon route goes through many of Chicago’s distinct neighborhoods, and the new Chicago Marathon Collection from Nike celebrates that. Nike invited me to visit their showroom and see for myself. As a relatively new Chicagoan, I loved seeing how the different pieces in this collection highlighted the diversity and uniqueness of the city. Take the Nike Poster Women’s T-Shirt ($28), above. The front of the shirt features a design of the Chicago flag, and the back? Look closely: READ MORE

Accessories, Fashion, Jewelry, ShoesEditor’s Closet: September 2009

Accessories, Obsessions, ShoesObsession of the Moment: J. Crew Greer Pleated Satin Peep Toe Heels

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