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Beauty, SkincareClinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+

cliniqueplusI am very much a Clinique girl. Probably like many of you, the brand was my first introduction to the beautiful world of prestige makeup–for me, at young age of 12. But even as I’ve gotten older and matured in my beauty taste, I always still turn to Clinique for products that I know are high quality, efficacious, doesn’t irritate skin, and at the end of the day, won’t rob me of an arm and a leg. In other words, through the years, many of the Clinique products I grew up loving (Black Honey almost lipstick anyone?) have become staples in my beauty routine–classics.

One such classic, of course, is Clinique’s iconic Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. This was the first moisturizer that I purchased and one that I’ve used through many bottles of, but as product technology kept changing and advancing, this classic started to feel a little…well, old school. Recently, however, Clinique has refreshed and relaunched the product –now Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + –and has once again brought it to the forefront of my skincare routine. Like the old classic, the lotion is a pale yellow hue, lightweight, absorbs quickly, and is meant for daily use as part of a 3-step regimen. The big change with the formulation is the introduction of a new complex incluing hyaluronic acid, glycerine and urea that helps strengthen skin’s own moisture barrier by 54% , leaving it feeling soft and supple all day while boosting the skin’s natural defense. Even though I have combination to oily skin and it’s currently summer–the lightweight product and gentle formulation leaves my face feeling hydrated and nourished, but doesn’t leave it looking shiny or greasy. The lotion is now available at all Clinique counters, replacing the original version–a new modern classic!

Beauty, Obsessions, SkincareJurlique Rose Line


During the steamy hot peak days of summer, I’ll do anything for a respite! All too often, my face thirsts for some refreshment, which I’ve discovered in Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist. The light mist restores, tones (so much easier than applying toner the old fashioned way!), and hydrates. A few spritzes are akin to going from hot humidity walking into a delicious cool foggy mist; the relief and restoration are immediate! I love the light rose scent which lingers for a few moments as the balancing mist hydrates my complexion. On a typical day, I’ll use the mist at least once midday, but if I’m going to be running from lunch to appointments, I’ll tuck it into my purse for a quick refresher on-the-go. It’s amazing what a difference a few seconds of misting can do both for the senses while creating a fresh and dewey visage. I’m pretty liberal with my spritzing, since there’s so much good stuff packed into each pump: rose oil softens, balances, and restores, while marshmallow extract hydrates and rebalances. Aloe, skin’s natural best friend used for centuries, provides beneficial polysaccharides and amino acids to soothe and calm. Of course, there are no worries about irritants such as parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, or petro-chemicals. READ MORE

Beauty, Obsessions, SkincareBoosting the Power Peel


The testimony of countless dermatologists and aestheticians have always converged on a simple fact–acid peels are effective! Of course, there are varying strengths and times for application, but the concept behind them is that old dead skin peels off and leaves fresher, smoother skin in its place. Ideally, this also aids in lightening discolorations. I’ve always been a fan of at-home Dr. Gross’ Alpha-Beta Peel, and the brand is now wrapping it up into a kit  that also includes two complementary items: a Ferulic + Retinol Eye Serum and Brightening Solution. I made my hubby the test subject for this review and he’s been a great sport try it for 30 days. He has a few genetic dark spots made worse, I’m sure, by growing up in Florida and playing at the beach with no sunscreen (I know, quel horreur). The conclusion? Visible signs of aging such as fine lines and discolorations are reduced with consistent daily use of the peel. I actually started to notice a slight lightening of the sunspots about three weeks into the treatment. It’s definitely the first beauty treatment hubby looks forward to having–he thinks I’m giving him a “facial” every night! READ MORE

Beauty, Obsessions, SkincareGlamGlow Youth-Mud Tinglexfoliate Treatment


When scoping out beauty products is a big part of your 9 to 5 (actually in my case, more like a 9 to 9), it becomes hard to find things that feel fresh, new, and innovative. At some point, all the beauty products in my closet start to meld together and the ones I catch myself reaching for are more a matter of convenience than anything else (I could probably put together a full makeup look with the amount of products strewn in any given room at any given time). So when I do come across something that actually feels cool, and prompts me to reread the label a few times, and save the insert for future reference, I know that I have something really special in my hands. The latest discovery to make my beauty obsession list is GlamGlow’s Youth-Mud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, a mask that promises to deliver Super Sexy Super Radiant Skin in just one use.  READ MORE

Bath & Body, Lust List, SkincareScrub Away!

elemisIt’s that time of year again where I am frantically doing cleanses, working out, and scrubbing up, trying to get in decent shape for baring a little more skin as spring becomes bolder. My favorite part of all this (not surprisingly) is the most luxurious and indulgent–full body exfoliation with Elle Beauty Award Winner Elemis Tranquil Touch Body Polish. Working out releases endorphins which put you on a mental and physical high, and also sheds toxins which depend on your routine following to rid your body of them. Drinking plenty of water boosts this process and a great scrub in the shower afterwards sheds dead skin to leave you with the ultimate glow!

The body polish is one of the best scrubs I’ve tried–the texture is finer than most, and the product uses a natural rice exfoliator to sweep away impurities gently and soften the skin. Moisturizing Cupuacu butter smoothes and conditions while combating the effects of harsh soaps we put our skin through on a daily basis. The scent is refreshing and soothing with essential oils of patchouli, mandarin and ginger, and I must say it really smells like a spa. Elemis uses only carefully sourced ingredients, and is free from parabens, SLS, SLES, DEA, mineral oils, artificial colors and silicones. Using circular motions, I apply and rub in the scrub without too much pressure, letting the body polish do the heavy lifting. My skin feels luxuriously soft, glowing and radiant after my steam shower, and I’m so relaxed afterwards. It’s a great incentive for relaxing after the workout!

Beauty, SkincareSimple Eye Makeup Remover Pads

simpleThere are few things more genius in the beauty world than eye makeup remover pads. Don’t know about you, but I’m always having problems with my eye makeup: my eyeshadow travels, my mascara runs, or sometimes I unintentionally rub my eye and leave behind a huge mess. However, who has space to carry around a bottle of solution? Not me, which is why I was super stoked when Simple Skincare released their easy-to-carry Eye Makeup Remover Pads that I can fit even into my smallest handbag. No more panda eyes for me after a few drinks now! READ MORE

Bath & Body, Mom & Kids, SkincareHere Comes the Sun


Hurray for summer and all it brings–cookouts, beach days, and swimming pools. Being in the sun is great for the soul, but don’t forget to throw a tube of sunscreen in that chic tote! For people of all ages, sun protection is an absolute must, and especially for the little ones whose skin is brand-new and thinner than adults. We know how confusing the range of sunscreens can be, so we turned to an expert in the field, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, a renowned New York dermatologist, for some sage advice. Baby’s first summer? Read on for for the how-to’s on sun protection:


Beauty, SkincareDermadoctor Eye Lift

dermadoctorEyes will always be the proverbial windows to our souls, but sometimes those window dressings need a little pick-me-up! Dermadoctor’s Photodynamic Eye Therapy does just that with a potent formula to relax fine lines and tighten lids while reducing puffy eyes and lifting sagging lids. Thought you couldn’t see improvements without the scary thought of a scalpel and anesthetic? I am terrified of any type of surgery, and gladly welcome any alternative that will show any visible differences. Before Dermadoctor Photodynamic Eye Therapy, I was dubious of creams and treatments. I started trying the cream on a few desperate mornings where I didn’t get enough sleep (grrr…) or had a bit too much salt for dinner the previous night, resulting in unsightly bags and puffy eyelids. The cream absorbed readily without any greasy residue, and after a few minutes of tingling (not harsh stinging), I finished brushing my teeth and voila! I felt like I was in college again after an all nighter and it only took a splash of cold water to restore my visage (if only I could get my metabolism back too). Now I can revisit those days minus the exams and stress, thanks to Dermadoctor’s Eye Lift. After using the Eye Lift regularly for a month, I can report firmer and healthier skin around my eyes, and a reduction in under-eye swelling.  READ MORE

Beauty, SkincareCelebrity Skin: Kate Somerville

exfolikateI have a little ritual I’ll share with you: every week when I’m home and ready to start the weekend, I do an exfoliation and pamper myself in the shower before switching to my “weekend wear.” It is a way of rewarding myself for getting through the stress of the work week and then leaving it all behind. I’m currently obsessed with celebrity skin specialist Kate Somerville’s Exfolikate Gentle Exfoliating Treatment (gotta love the name), which is a gentle formulation of beads that can be added to your regular cleanser. ‘Gentle’ is also the key word here  —  I have sensitive skin, so I need something that can still give me that post-scrub glow, while not taking off a whole layer of my skin. Exfolikate’s microbeads work in combination with papya, pumpkin, and pineapple enzymes to oxygenate and lift dead skin delicately without causing redness. Other ingredients such as Vitamin A helps fade discolorations (darn sun spots!) and caffeine helps to improve micro-circulation. I squeeze a small bean size amount of the blue scrubby and mix with one of my cleansers, depending on what my skin needs that day . My skin feels oh-so-soft following a 2-minute scrubbing session while I’m enjoying my steam shower.

I first heard about Kate Somerville when Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Demi Moore, and a slew of other Hollywood beauties started swearing by her name. Seeing how flawless their skin looks is testament enough for me! Somerville has mastered the art of the ageless face, and exfoliating is an indispensable step in decongesting, detoxifying, and polishing. I love how smooth and invigorated my skin is immediately after using this product, and even have to resist touching it for the rest of the day!


Beauty, SkincareKiehl’s Skin Rescuer

kiehlsI’m not a betting woman …but I’ll bet that if I took a poll and asked readers if feel like they lead a stressful lifestyle, I’d get more yeses than noes. The sad fact is, I don’t know anyone who isn’t stressed out on a regular basis by something — be it work, exams, relationships, new baby, or kids in general. As if just being stressed isn’t already bad enough, it’s also pretty much a guarantee that the negative effects of stress will manifest itself on your face — in the form of fatigue, redness and unevenness, breakouts and dehydration. Thanks a lot stress hormones! And the kicker: odds are high than when we’re stressed, we also pay less attention to our skincare routines, making our already suffering skin even worse.

Well Kiehl’s is here to rescue us stressed folks and if we know anything about Kiehl’s, we know that they’re really great at saving our skin (and sanity). The newly launched, and aptly named Skin Rescuer Stress- Minimizing Daily Hydrator, uses highly effective ingredients to address many of the skin conditions that are caused by stress. In order to do this, Kiehl’s chemists identified a three step process (which thankfully, they rolled into 1 great product): calm and hydrate the skin, limit inflammation, and protect the skin barrier from future reactions. To sooth already-stressed skin, the new moisturizer uses chamomile extract to calm, glycerin to deliver immediate moisture, and shea butter to help keep hydration in. The product also contains Rosa Gallica, a flower extract, which has been proven to act as an anti-inflammatory agent and helps to keep reactions like redness and blotchiness in check. Finally, studies have shown that stressed skin is weak skin, so the moisturizer packs a trio of ingredients designed to replenish lipids and straighten the skin barrier. The result is that redness is minimized, skin is kept supple, hydrated and protected.

We love that Kiehl’s designed this as a daily moisturizer, because frankly that gives us one less thing to stress out about. Our four week test trial has shown that this is a very pleasant product indeed: we love that it’s lightweight, fragrance free, moisturizes thoroughly  and has noticeably reduced unevenness and splotches in some areas. Sadly, they haven’t figured out a way to make me feel less stressed yet overall (damn deadlines always!), but at least I no longer have to look like it.

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