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New York, Spas & SalonsArrojo Studio

For a beauty writer, I go an embarrassingly long time between hair salon appointments. I literally get my hair cut once a year. Highlights are a bi-yearly occurrence. Terrible, I know. Last year, I tried to pretend my highlight roots were the newest ombre hair trend. But my four inches of pitch-black roots weren’t fooling anyone–this was no intentional ombre or attempt to be trendy. The final sign that I had to get the situation under control was when a guy I was dating commented about “how I was going back to my natural hair color.” This was a dude that was oblivious to any kind of sartorial change and could tell zero difference between five pairs of Warby Parkers I once modeled for him. So, clearly–a problem that needed to be addressed ASAP.

If you’re a faithful What Not to Wear watcher, you’re already familiar with the name Nick Arrojo and his gentle, practically Hippocratic manner.He’s probably never sworn an official oath, but you know he would never do harm to your hair, and that’s the attitude you feel from his fellow stylists and colorists at his signature salon. READ MORE

Beauty, Food, Los Angeles, Spas & SalonsRefine yourself

Thank you to Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis Jamie Stone for inviting me to a fun bash last night at Equinox in West Hollywood, where beauty bloggers gathered for an evening of braids, low-cal cocktails and bumpin’ beats (complete with a Dj and electric violinist!). This weekend, I challenge you to treat yourself with:

• Boho Braids at Blo—You too can be the “girl on fire.” Just saddle up to a stylists’s chair and relax for about a half-hour while they work a little twisted magic on your hair. I received a little triple-braid action (see left) that’s sure to last me a couple days!

• Refine cocktails—Um, pre-dance night drink? Make it two—especially since these are no-calorie mixers.

• The Spa at Equinox. It figures; I’m surrounded by sweating hard bodies, and all I’m thinking about is the lavender essence emanating from the spa. In any case, I recommend booking a massage, stat.

Happy Friday!

New York, Spas & SalonsAn Ouchless Brazilian (Practically)

While getting ready to write this piece, I was reminded of an early Vanity Fair piece by Christopher Hitchens (R.I.P) in which he details his experience of getting waxed at the ultra hip, “inventor of the Brazilian” salon, J Sisters. He describes, “I was overwhelmed by a sudden access of lava-like agony, accompanied by the vertiginous sensation that there was no there there. ” “The combined effect was like being tortured for information that you do not possess, with intervals for a (incidentally very costly) sandpaper handjob.” After reading it, I smugly thought, “Sissy” and convinced that men for all their perceived machismo, lack the pain tolerance of women. Try getting that “sandpaper handjob” every single month, Mr. Hitchens and then we will talk.

But to Mr. Hitchen’s credit, the pain of getting waxed differs from salon to technician.  You’ve read before about our healthy love of Shobha, for their clean and super efficient experts. Another favorite to add to the list is European Wax Center, who are bringing the advent of the stripless wax to NYC, with their purple, patented wax. A painless Brazilian sounds like an oxymoron, sort of like a painless diet, popular Kardashian, or a faithful Newt Gingrich. But in truth, I had one of the least painful hair-removal procedures of my life at EWC. You start off the procedure by meeting with one of the efficient and friendly technicians, who take the time to walk you through the 4 step hair removal process. The first two steps, cleanse and protect, are to prep you for the removal process using a light pre-wax cleanser to remove any makeup, oil or lotion and a pre-wax oil to create a protective barrier between the skin and the wax. EWC’s exclusive Comfort Wax has a lower melting point than other traditional waxes so you don’t experience the “lava-like” temperatures Hitchens referenced. READ MORE

Bath & Body, Beauty, Spas & SalonsLet Ona Relax You

It’d been far, far too long since I’d visited a spa for some pampering, so when the chance came to try out Ona Spa in Los Angeles, a place I’d always been curious about, I jumped at the chance.  Originally, I was just going to go in for a facial, but strangely enough, the week before my appointment was scheduled, I started to get this weird shooting pain in one of my arms.  Being a semi-hypochondriac, I of course panicked and became convinced that I was dying, but then my friend suggested that it might be from stress since I could feel how tight my muscles were.  She sounded like she knew what she was talking about, so I decided to add a massage to my day in the hopes that it would help and luckily, they were able to accommodate me.

I showed up for my appointment bright and early on a Saturday (okay, fine, it was noon, but that counts as bright and early on the weekend after a long week of work).  The space is cozy and welcoming, and once you’re inside, you’d never know that busy Los Angeles traffic is waiting for you just out the door.  I snuggled into a big, comfy robe and lounged in a chair sipping a delicious coconut tea and reading fashion magazines (so relaxing!) until I was called in for my massage.  READ MORE

New York, Spas & SalonsSania’s Brow Bar

For the overthreaded, the overwaxed, the overplucked, Sania’s Brow Bar is here to take in your huddled masses. She is the Florence Nightingale to your poor, much-harassed brows. A former brow specialist at Bergdorf Goodman, Sania is the specialist for those who are over every-three-week maintenance, and want easy to maintain, natural arches.

I myself am not even that crazy of an eyebrow threader, compared to some of my friends who have longstanding appointments set in stone every month.  It’s partially due to laziness and because I find it really them really hard to maintain post appointment. The hairs that grow in post-appointment migrate all over and in different directions so I can’t get them back to their perfect shape. I don’t love waxing, because I feel like the skin around my brows is really sensitive afterwards and stretches the skin out. It was a relief to come to Sania who pressed the reset button on my much maligned brows. READ MORE

New York, Spas & SalonsCecilia Wong Skincare

In New York, if you’re looking for a nice pampering facial- there are tons of luxurious options to choose from. But if you’re looking for a highly effective, science and results driven experience, then you must check out Cecilia Wong.

Tucked away in Union Square, Cecilia Wong’s holistic practice is a true hidden gem. Her space is ultra private, quiet and stress free. Each treatment is performed by Cecilia herself and the experience is very one-on-one. Her philosophy is that healthy skin starts from within the body so she mixes her own custom skincare solutions through a combination of organic products, herbs and botanicals. To increase the efficacy of her products, Cecilia also uses the latest cutting edge technology such as LED , microcurrent, and oxygen systems to complement her treatments. READ MORE

Beauty, Celebrities, Fashion, Los Angeles, Makeup, Shopping, Skincare, Spas & SalonsKaty Perry ♥ Mary Jane

We think she’s pretty … without any makeup on ...

Well, this weekend I saw Katy Perry in concert, courtesy of Proactiv, and she had a LOT of makeup on. But I still left the show with three things on my mind: the lyrics to “California Gurls” (unavoidable), Katy’s Snow White complexion and her lust-worthy sequin mary janes. READ MORE

Beauty, Los Angeles, Spas & SalonsYoshi’s Hair Magic

My hair had been looking really raggedy (to put it nicely) lately, so when I got the opportunity to visit a salon I’d been reading about, I jumped at the chance.  Yoshi Hagiwara has been a staple on the Los Angeles hair scene for the past 25 years, working at some of the most prestigious salons in the city, but this January he opened his own salon, Yoshi Hair Studio, in Beverly Hills.  Located right on Canon Drive (conveniently directly across from a parking structure, for those of you familiar with the area) the salon is warm and welcoming, busy, yet intimate all at the same time. READ MORE

Hotels, Los Angeles, Spas & Salons, TravelRitz-Carlton, Los Angeles

To me, the Ritz Carlton Los Angeles at LA Live, is quintessentially Los Angeles: glitz, glamour, and grandeur all wrapped up into a very private, very VIP experience for its guests.   The hotel is situated at Downtown LA’s bustling city center and shares the building with the JW Marriott, but the second you walk into the Ritz Carlton’s private lobby you feel that you’re being transported to an urban oasis. Located on Fl 22-26 of a 54 story sparkling modern glass building,  The Ritz Carlton has just 123 rooms- each featuring a wall of windows looking out onto the cityscape and the Santa Monica mountains. It’s one of the newest and most talked about luxury properties in LA, so when I was in town last month, I made a point to check in- and check out the Ritz Carlton. READ MORE

Beauty, Los Angeles, Nails, Spas & SalonsTake a Walk to the Nail Garden

I’ve been in dire need of some down time and pampering lately, so I headed to the Nail Garden salon in Sherman Oaks for their Indulgent Bliss treatment.  The Nail Garden is a chain of four salons in Los Angeles – branches can be found in Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Burbank, and their newest location, Brentwood.  It was started by Reham Bastawros and her husband Fady because Reham, an admitted spa junkie, wanted to develop what she calls “an urban retreat,” where people could relax and indulge without paying a huge price tag.  (Exactly what most of us are looking for, right?) READ MORE

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