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SponsoredRoad Testing Olay’s new Sensitive Body Wash

olay_sensitive_body_washAlthough I’m normally not too sensitive when it comes to beauty (a definite plus when my job involves trying all sorts of products), this winter I’ve been experiencing a peculiar problem. I’m blaming it on the super cold weather and the hot showers I’m taking because of it—my skin has become so dry and sensitive that I literally have scratch marks from my upper back to my lower legs thanks to how irritated and itchy my entire body has become. (Insert huge sigh. I actually just did that while writing this.)

So when Olay approached me to give their new Sensitive Body Wash a try, I was more than happy to oblige. Out went my usual assortment of fancy fragranced shower gels and even my old standby, Dove, and in came the new bottle of ultra-gentle and ultra-moisturizing Olay body wash. What’s so fantastic about this product is that it’s formulated to sensitive skin so it’s unscented, dye-free, and soap-free which is a major plus because the last thing my delicate, scratched up skin needs is anything that could irritate it further. But while it’s gentle, it’s still incredibly effective at moisturizing—more so in fact that most other body washes I’ve tried. I was impressed and decided to investigate why. READ MORE

SponsoredHowAboutWe Make Dumplings?

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to spend more quality time dating my husband—that is, less time spent bickering, more time spent having fun and enjoying each other’s company. Thanks to our friends at HowAboutWe for Couples, we’re already on our way to achieving this goal! Make spending time with your significant other a priority in 2014 as well–to help you along, we’re offering all our readers $50 off their first date. Read on to learn more!

Shortly after we got married (and life returned to normal), my husband asked me over dinner: “now that wedding planning is done, what should we do with our free time?” It didn’t take very long for me to answer that what I would like to do, in fact, was any activity at all! While my husband and I actually used to plan events together during our early days, somewhere in between moving in together (and fighting over music taste) and spending our weekends DIY-ing reception place cards, we completely stopped dating each other.

Unfortunately, thanks to our busy work schedules and overall repetition of daily life, we’ve also no longer the pros at date planning we used to be. As any New Yorker can attest, the most convenient bar/coffee shop/cafe (i.e. within 2 blocks of your apartment), soon becomes the only establishments one frequents. And while the early excitement of dating meant that I would, in fact, take three subways to go cross-town to try a new restaurant together, the comforts of married life now means that I would…well, rather be comfortable. As in ordering food online. Or IMing him from the couch instead of walking into the bedroom. Or occasionally making him go pour me a glass of wine because I can’t get out of the rabbit hole of Wikipedia/Buzzfeed. You get the idea.

But at some point being comfortable starts to turn into being lazy…and laziness has done no relationship any favors. So now that we’ve embarked on the next step of our relationship—and life together—I resolved to bring back the excitement, anticipation, and discovery of our earlier days. So naturally when I discovered HowAboutWe for Couples, the new experience planning service from the dating site HowAboutWe, I was ready to sign up. HowAboutWe for Couples is a service that helps people who are in relationships go on wonderful dates. The best part? You don’t even have to plan it, just pick your activity online and show up! READ MORE

SponsoredThe Science Behind Younger Looking Skin


As us beauty obsessed folks know, there’s an art to looking younger. Whether it’s how to mask a sallow complexion, hide dark circles, or contour my cheeks to look plumper—I’ve learned a few tips and tricks through the years. But, wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to fake it? What if your skin didn’t just have to look younger, it actually acted younger? Thanks to Olay Regenerist, I’ve also recently learned a few things about the science behind better skin—get ready for some beauty biology!

As our skin is our body’s first layer of defense, it gets put through a lot. No wonder it might be looking—and feeling—a little fatigued. The scientists at Olay have discovered that on a cellular level, as we age, our skin’s energy levels decrease—that is it gets tired and stops doing its job as well. “Easy,” you say. “I’ll just load it up with some products!” Well, as it turns out, tired skin also becomes less responsive to anti-aging ingredients, so your products may not actually produce visible results as quickly as you would like. That’s why the team at Olay discovered that a key step to anti-aging is first reawakening and boosting the skin’s natural bio-energy production so that skin is then ready to absorb anti-aging ingredients. READ MORE

SponsoredDedicated: Address Uneven Skin Tone with Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion System

olayprox1Living right in the middle of New York City, I put my skin through a lot more due to pollution and external factors than say my friends in the beautiful, lush suburbs of Seattle. Anyone who has tried to meander across Seventh Avenue only to get blasted by a gust of exhaust fume, has to commute to work by walking during the sweltering heat or frigid cold, or ever gets in the subway will know what I mean. While living in New York is fantastic in countless ways, an experience I have no intention of giving up anytime soon, on the skincare front, it can leave a little to be desired.

Through my years of living here, every time I have an icky day and feel that my skin is just layered with stuff, my first reaction is always just to scrub it off. As it turns out, exfoliating on the regular actually does help to address uneven skin tone that could be caused by pollution, extreme weather, and other stressors. Being constantly in the midst of city grime isn’t just unpleasant feeling, it contributes directly to clogs and dirt trapped in pores, dull complexion, and even surface discoloration. You know that I’ve been using (and loving) Pro-X by Olay Microdermabrasion + Advanced Cleansing System twice a week for a while now so I was happy to learn that regular use of the tool can keep all these pesky skin issues at bay and keep my complexion radiant through it all. The rotating tool and Crystal Thermal Polisher combines to exfoliate 7x better than just scrub alone—results I definitely appreciate after a particularly grimy day. Numbers aside, it’s also just a satisfying feeling to scrub it off and feel like I’m getting so fresh and so clean! The soft and bright skin revealed gives me confidence to put my best face forward for the next day.

For more info on Pro-X by Olay Microdermabrasion System, check out my full review here.


SponsoredDedicated: Getting Energetic for Fall


I had a roommate who every once in a while would tell everyone in the house to “look alive.” I used to think that was a funny comment, but now as I’ve gotten older and life has gotten, generally speaking, a lot more stressful, I think back to her sentiment and whole-heartily agree. It’s a funny thing living in New York City—a place with boundless energy—that it can often leave you feeling anything but energetic. This fall, going into my eighth year in Manhattan (officially a New Yorker!) and newly married, I’m determined to change that. This season, in partnership with Olay Regenerist, I’m all about firing up my energy, reinvigorating myself (mind, body, skin) and in the words of my friend “looking a lot more alive.”

How exactly am I planning on doing this? First up—body. Thanks to my September wedding, I spent the summer being pretty active, taking to running trails in Central Park and finally getting a Pure Yoga membership. Though I enjoyed a few (maybe more) pasta dishes as soon as I got out of my form fitting white dress, I’m determined not to give up my newly active lifestyle. I generally tend to feel pretty lethargic during the cooler months, but I’m fighting the urge to vegetate by keeping up with my hot vinyasa practice. Finally nailing a difficult pose and the rush of energy coming out of class makes waking up early in the mornings totally worth it. READ MORE

Fashion, SponsoredSimple #RedCarpet Giveaway


Beauty friends! You know that here at TDO, we love Simple Skincare so we are super excited to share that Simple is running a lil Twitter giveaway this week. From today through Wednesday, September 25, follow @SimpleSkincare on Twitter, use #SimpleVIP and #RedCarpet hashtags, and tell us how you use Simple® to get red carpet ready (shouldn’t be too hard after all that beauty inspiration last night!). Simple is giving away 100 prizes– a gift bag filled with skincare goodies.

On Wednesday from 8-9PM EST, Simple is also hosting a TweetUp. Hosts include Simple Advisory Board fitness expert Kacy Duke and makeup expert Gita Bass. Make sure you follow @SimpleSkincare and use the tag #FallBeauty to ask these two experts any advice they have about fall skincare, especially as it relates to makeup/fitness. The brand is prizing even more Simple product during the chat – plus, four grand prize winners will receive $100 American Express gift cards, a yoga mat and a makeup sample. You definitely don’t want to miss out!

Beauty, SponsoredDedicated: Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System


With my wedding just weeks ago, every little beauty move I make till then has to have a purpose and has to work! Gone are the days of just “trying out” products—from now till the end of the month I’m only sticking to what’s guaranteed to produce results. One tool that I’ve been using recently is the Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System, which is now my go-to product for cleansing and exfoliating. READ MORE

SponsoredSimple Inspiration


If you’re like us, Pinterest is your one-stop-shop for finding info and inspiration for…everything. That’s why we’re excited to hear that Simple Skincare has just launched their Pinterest board because we are all about easy access to skin, health, and wellness resources at the click of amouse—please oodles of pretty pictures to help us distress and feel inspired every time we look! As a Simple Ambassador, The Daily Obsession also created our own #SimpleInspiration board. Be sure to follow us as we update with pins that inspire us to live well and be well.

Starting today through September 27, Simple is also giving away a gift bag filled with Simple skincare goodies plus a $50 American Express gift card (For some extra pampering!). You can enter to win simply by getting involved on Pinterest!

Ways to Win:

  • Upload your own pin using content from the Simple Blog or Simple YouTube page using the #SimpleInspiration hashtag.
  • Repin any pin from the Simple Pinterestpage using the #SimpleInspiration hashtag.
  • Pin directly to our Simple Inspiration! pinboard with your favorite piece of Simple content, using the #SimpleInspiration hashtag. To enter this way, make sure you’re following our Simple Inspiration! pinboard.

For terms, conditions and full content rules, click here.

Fitness & Health, SponsoredSponsored: Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response Deodorant

secretdeoWhen I planned my late September wedding, the idea was that the temperatures would be cooler and the weather nicer. What I forgot to account for was that the last three months leading up to the wedding (aka when things get realllly hectic), I would have to deal with planning in the sweltering summer heat. That’s right—running to meet vendors, coordinating appointments, dealing with guest list drama (don’t know a single bride who avoided that one)…all in 100 degree weather while trying to hold down a day job and not totally go insane. There’s only one hashtag for this: #StressSweat.  There are three main causes of sweat: activity, heat, and stress and in one fell swoop, I’m hitting all three. Thanks a lot, upcoming wedding!

However, I really lucked out when my friends over at Secret got wind of my less-than-glamorous summer and offered to help in the form of their  Clinical Strength Stress Response Deodorant. This product is formulated to stop sweat (any sweat, not just heat included sweat) and has totally been a lifesaver this season. Unlike many other products, Secret’s Stress Response Deodorant specifically addresses stress induced sweat—which in addition to straight up feeling awkward, also tends to smell. The deodorant formula contains proprietary technology that traps and locks away odor to neutralize it and then releases a fresh scent, instead of just covering it up since that usually make you smell even worse. The deodorant comes in a pretty citrus scent (which not only matches my favorite perfume of the moment) but also keeps me feeling energized (in a good way) throughout the day. READ MORE

Beauty, SponsoredSimple Summer Travel Bag Edit


Ahh these dog days of summer mean only one thing: I’m trying to get out of the hot, humid concrete jungle as often as I can. Whether it’s just to head to the local beach or jet far far away, the frequent summer travel means that I have a cosmetics bag packed at all times…ready to go at any minute. Now that I’ve been doing this for a couple months already, I’ve got the beauty bag perfected (and bared down just to the essentials). Here’s what you’ll find:

1. Simple Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes — When Simple came out with these wipes this year, they replaced the Cleansing Facial Wipes as my favorite for my on-the-go or midday touchup (the Cleansing Wipes are still great for nighttime though!). Now that it’s so hot and my skin seems to get greasy just minutes out of an air conditioned room, the oil balancing properties are even more crucial. I have these on hand at all times in case of a surprise oil slick situation or just to touch up after a long car ride.

2. MD Solar Sciences Mineral Tinted Sunscreen SPF 30 — My travel bag does not have space for a full bottle of sunscreen and foundation and anti-aging cream. I multi-task with this mineral tinted creme sunscreen which a) doesn’t clog pores b) provides flawless light coverage that makes my skin radiant and c) provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection and is 80 minutes water resistant–all with just one step. READ MORE

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