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One of my favorite things to do is “favorite-ing.”  I like ‘favorite-ing” blog posts, articles I read, websites…my Mozilla Favorites tab is an unorganized mess of links that I’ve saved to read later (like this week’s 25,000 word New Yorker piece of Scientology…I’m getting to it, I swear), to return to, and to recommend to friends.  I also like “favorite-ing” pictures, but I never found a good way to do it, apart from painstakingly right-clicking and saving the “liked” picture onto my computer.

Naturally, in this internet age, there is a solution to my oh-so-painful dilemma: Pinterest, an online bulletin board network, where you can share and re-pin your favorite pictures.  Pictures can be “pinned” onto Pinterest from other blog links or you can upload your own directly.  Text is light, with only a caption option, but this is a great digital way to organize and make online mood boards.  You can create any number of boards at a time, with theme ideas like “Favorite Places and Spaces”, “Home Inspiration”, and “Kitchen Adventures.”  You can browse and follow other member’s boards, to see what they’ve “pinned.”

You can browse the range of individual pictures on Pinterest in individual subjects such as Fashion, Art+Design, Food+Drink, Design, Travel, Prints and many others.  I’ve been able to find a ton of things that I’ve been visually obsessed with, such as David Yurman advertisements, pictures of old 1930’s Shanghai for mood inspiration, old Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn photos, Arthur Lindbergh photography, and some lustful travel daydreaming.  This is a great site for anyone planning a wedding, since they have an easy way to collate any of the images they’re currently feeling.  Pinterest is a members-only site, but similar to Gilt Group and other sites of that nature, you can get an invitation from an already existing member.  I love logging on during lunch and seeing what the newest “pins” of the day are.

Check out Pinterest and let me know if you like it!  And if any of you have an interest in looking at pictures of cuddly puppies, bunnies, or kittens, you can find me and my ‘Awww cuteness’  board on Pinterest.

Accessories, Tech, TravelObsession of the Moment: MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Case for iPad

Accessories, TechProtect Your Stuff

For awhile now, I’ve been in desperate need of both a new iPhone case and a new laptop bag.  The case I had my iPhone in was seriously the plainest, cheapest black case ever and my laptop bag was a last minute purchase years ago right before I had to get on a flight with a new computer.  (Hence, the ugly bright orange color and bulky outside pockets).  So when I got a chance to try new ones from Agent 18, I jumped at the chance.

They sent over the FlowerVest Case for my iPhone 3GS (I’m dying to upgrade to the new iPhone 4, but AT&T won’t let me do it yet) and it’s just a really great change from my previous case.  I requested the purple and white one because I wanted a shade bright enough so that I’d be able to see it in the big bag I’m always carrying around and that totally works – no more disappearing iPhone!  The case is made out of silicon, so it’s soft but protective, and its surface stops my phone from sliding when I inevitably toss it onto the counter or put it in my pocket. READ MORE

Accessories, TechP.S. I Wish I Made This

I’m always incredibly inspired by the awesome handmade creations over at P.S. I Made This.  Graceful ankle wrap sandals, pom pom necklaces, ruffle t-shirts, ways to customize your own clothes with the D&G paint inspired trend, this site is the ultimate in fashion do-it-yourself bags, clothing, and jewelry and offers an inventive solution to inexpensive style.  My most recent favorite is this preppy chic iPad case, which can almost be mistaken for a fashionable clutch. Made out of an inflatable travel pillowcase, electrical tape, and gorilla cloth, I love the rattan stripe pattern of her original version, but you can pick out your own pattern and customize it when you select your pillowcase.

Not so great at do-it yourself?  Check out a notebook inspired hard iPad case that reminds me of my favorite moleskins behind the jump READ MORE

Jewelry, TechEngaged? There’s an App for That

Ladies, to be honest here, I don’t have that much experience with getting jewelry from men–but I do have enough to know that what men think women want and what women really want don’t always sync up.  As if buying jewelry for someone else isn’t already hard enough, what woman hasn’t chattered amongst her girlfriends about “what would you do if you got an ugly engagement ring?” Yikes. I prefer not to think about that. READ MORE

TechShake It like a Poladroid Picture

014-polaI’m soooo not a Techie, but do you ever have those moments when you discover something new that is so great, that you think to yourself, “Technology is so cool?”  For me, that thought came to my head yesterday, when I visited  I have  always loved Polaroid pictures: I love their dreamy, muted, look which give them an evocative and nostalgic quality, their instant pictures (immediate gratification), and because everyone looks good in Polaroid!  One of my favorite things to do is to browse Jeremy Kost‘s pictures on Fashionista and those inspired me to almost get my own Polaroid camera: the only thing stopping me?  The $149.99 price tag.

Yesterday, my friend Sami, sent me over a link to Poladroid, a computer application, that turns your digital pictures into Polaroids!  I downloaded the application last night, and loved the results so much that I started Poladroiding all my pictures.  I began with the pictures from my last vacation to the Bahamas with my friend Sarah  (how gorgeous does that azure water look?) and you can check out some of “Before-Poladroiding” picture here.  The application itself is charmingly designed and easy to use.  The interface for the application is designed like an actual Polaroid camera–all you have to do is drag over your photos, one at a time, to the empty frame icon in the camera and wait for your pictures to “develop”.

Your pictures will slowly go from fuzzy to sharp, vivid color, as they would with a real camera, and after they are done “developing,” you get the option of saving them on your computer.  Each session allows you to Poladroid 10 pictures. Once the pictures are done developing, you get the option of saving them to your computer.  Poladroid software is MAC/Windows compatible, as well as free,but they are taking donations.

Visit and share some of your favorites with us!

TechOPI and…Dell?

I speak from experience (many pieces of ruined furniture, clothes, and electronics) that the only place nail polish should even get remotely close to is my nails. That’s partly why I found it a bit surprising (and odd) that OPI, the legendary nail polish company, recently partnered with..Dell? Dell’s new Inspiron and Studio Laptops will now be made available with 26 OPI favorites such as ““I’m Not Really a Waitress,” “Kyoto Pearl,” and “Rosy Future.”  The new laptops are certainly a nice addition to their collection of colorful laptops and I particularly like “Up Close and Personal” which is pictured above.  More images of this upcoming collection can be found on Dell’s Flickr page. What do you think?

It’s a cute idea and may find a nice audience in OPI fans and college girls, but I’ll probably stick with my only 2 preferred colors for laptops: black and silver. “Up Close and Personal” however, is basically the nail color-du-jour this season so I’m off to hunt for a bottle of my own!

Accessories, Obsessions, TechObsession of the Moment: LAMA Designs Pink Toile Laptop Case

Accessories, Denim & Jeans, Fashion, Home, Lust List, Skincare, Spas & Salons, TechLust List: June 2009

Fashion, New York, Skincare, TechStyle, Meet Sound

Cross designer collaboration is nothing new but Roxy’s partnership with JBL created such a splash that all of New York’s A-List socialites came out to the Red Bull Space to celebrate the launch, which Vanity Fair listed as one of the top 3 parties from around the globe Tuesday night. We agree with VF that DJ style is definitely hot right now and think that Roxy/JBL’s neon on-ear headphones would look pretty foxy worn around the streets of New York City.  At the party, we caught sight of socialites Fabiola Bercasa, Byrdie Bell, Derek Blasberg, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, and Genevieve Jones as well as Erin Lucas from The City and Misshapes DJ turned model, Leigh Lezark. READ MORE

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