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Recently, I’ve been driven crazy by my boyfriend. While I appreciate his efforts to try to minimize noise and use headphones when I’m working, his pair were simply horrible.  He might as well not use them at all since I could still hear the music from the other room.  I was determined to find a new pair  – mostly to save my own sanity. I turned to the great people at Ifrogz, who had a great selection to choose from. 

From their EarPollution collection, I decided to try out the Nervepipes, which are fully customizable. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns for six parts that make up the headphones.  (On the right is an image I customized; my boyfriend went for a navy, silver and red combo.)  The best part is that they’re only $35, which is so affordable. The sound quality is pretty decent, the fit is comfortable, and best of all, it helps zero out noise – so no longer can I hear my boyfriend’s music from across the room anymore (while he’s still wearing headphones). READ MORE

TechT Mobile Sidekick Launch

Tech got even sexier last night as the fashionable crowd descended upon a private space to celebrate the launch of the new T-Mobile Sidekick LX. While this phone launches in May, party goers had the chance to play with the prototypes scattered around the rooms. My friend Wendy over at Nitrolicious gave up her trusty BlackBerry the second she got there (as I discovered by frantically trying to BBM her as I was heading over, to no avail) and spent the entire night tweeting the play by play from her Sidekick. The verdict? Pretty cool and it comes with great twittering abilities.

On any given (week)night in New York, there are at least 2 or 3 parties on my radar but a lot of them end up being pretty blah. Occasionally, there’s a really fun fashion fete but mostly it’s too much of a parade of “who’s who.”  Not to mention, any possible cute guy you spot surely has his eye on the models mingling about to pay you any attention.  So it was pretty refreshing to head over to a tech party instead where the techies, geeks, media crowd, fashionistas and the cool kids all co-mingle without the pressure of figuring out which bouncer you have to sweet talk to get into the VIP area.  The other big change I noticed?  No one is scared to eat!  I, too, joined the crowd and got in line to make myself a heap of nachos.  There was also a hot dog stand and three bars in addition to the obligatory presentation of chichi h’orderves passed around by male models. READ MORE

Accessories, Fashion, Home, Lust List, TechLust Lust: April 2009

Jewelry, Lust List, Makeup, Shoes, TechLust List: February 2009

Accessories, Fashion, Lust List, TechLust List: December 2008

Fashion, Tech, TravelLouis Vuitton Soundwalks

Bridging their tradition of travel with the digital age, Louis Vuitton is now offering mp3 audio guides to some of the world’s greatest cities. Fans of the classic LV City Guide can now download city walks onto their iPods (or launching today, the iPhone 3G – the perfect host for these audio video recordings). As a preclude to the upcoming Olympic Games, the Louis Vuitton Soundwalk has released tours of 3 Chinese cities: Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. Each is recorded by a Chinese star native to that city: Shu Qi for Hong Kong, Joan Chen for Shanghai and Gong Li for Beijing.

I am actually finalizing my own trip to all three of the above cities in October and have already downloaded the entire trilogy to install onto my new iPhone. Each Soundwalk is an hour long and synchronized with the itinerary. In addition, they are accompanied by the local sounds of the city and stories of the narrator’s own experiences.

Previews of the Soundwalk can be seen on the LV site. The videos are absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to experience the cities with Louis Vuitton. I am already quite familiar with the city of Shanghai, but plan to take the Soundwalk with me as I explore Hong Kong and Beijing in a few months.

Photographs © Stephan Crasneanscki for Louis Vuitton

Accessories, Fashion, Lust List, TechLust List: July 2008

ONE. Vince Leather Bomber Jacket — True, the weather’s still searingly hot…but I’m already daydreaming of cooler temperatures. After spying a few ultra-chic celebs in leather this spring, suddenly all I want in life is a gorgeous, perfectly fitted leather jacket. This version from Vince is hip without being overly trendy, and the styling options are endless. – shoppingsmycardio

TWO. Bulgari Estrale Sunglasses — Ever since my favorite pair of sunglasses were taken, I’ve been on the hunt to replace them with an even more gorgeous pair. Currently at the top of my list are these Bulgari beauties; putting them on makes you look instantly glam. Priced at $650, they shall remain on my lust list for now – until I cave and buy them. – perfumed

THREE. Apple iPhone — As much as I love my Blackberry Curve (and I do – I really, really do!), I’m lusting after the new iPhone. The new features sound great and I’m a sucker for the YouTube application. It’s the perfect time waster whenever you’re stuck waiting somewhere. Plus, the iPhone just looks cool when you’re holding it. I’ve been counting down the days until I can get my hands on it… – productwhore

FOUR. Balenciaga Giant City Bag — I love the exaggerated Giant hardware and the amazing Balenciaga leather. It comes in a couple of gorgeous shades and I would like to own each one. It can easily go from day to night and is big enough to carry all my essentials. One day I’ll own a Balenciaga bag, but for now, I can keep lusting. – ninabee

FIVE. Loeffler Randall Ruffle One-Piece Suit — It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Loeffler Randall’s line and now that it’s beach season, I’m loving this adorable swimsuit from their latest collection. The slimming black shape in combination with the sweet, girly ruffles and sexy deep V…perfection! It clocks in at $208, so it’s bit too steep for my budget. For now, I’ll simply keep obsessing over it. – thedailyobsession

Tell us what you’re obsessing over this month – and what you think of our choices!

TechTellme How To Get Pretty

Have you seen those iPhone commercials where you type in that new restaurant you want to try or your favorite manicure salon and it automatically maps/provides the number for you? Don’t have an iPhone?Don’t worry- I don’t either and you can tell your iPhone wielding friends that you can do the same thing from your phone… for free!

Tellme is a free directory service founded as a startup in 1999 (yes such mapping technology did exist before this June!) that has now manifested into an instant mobile directory that goes whereever your phone goes. You can access Tellme by voice, text, or you can download their new beta application, and get everything you need on-the-go. For example, I went to the spa this past weekend but when I got to the approximate street corners, I could not remember the exact address! So I simply sent a text to TELLM (83556) with the name of the spa and I got back the phone number, address and a map! (The Map is very important in cities like NY where 1025 Fifth Ave does not mean 10th St & 5th Ave). This service was also very helpful when trying to locate Satine Boutique last month when I went on a shopping trip with the LA editor. You can also access this service by voice at 1-800-555-TELL (8355) so you won’t ever have to pay for 411 again.

Tellme also acts as a personal concierge which is great for all the busy on-the-go gals. Say you want to locate a day spa near your boyfriend’s apartment or find a French restaurant on the Upper East Side- Tellme can quickly locate types of businesses around a geographical location. If you live in the San Francisco area, Tellme also provides quick access to Restaurant Reviews– so you can make a quick last minute decision on where to dine.

As everything is moving mobile these days, Tellme provides quick and comprehensive assistance to meet your lifestyle needs. You pick the ‘why’ and the ‘when’ you want to do something, and Tellme can help with the ‘who, what and where.’

TechBlackBerry Pearl

The BlackBerry Pearl 8100 in pearly white has jumped onto my wishlist (alongside the Apple iPhone). Why white? Well, to appropriately match its name, of course! Some notable features include a phone, digital phone, wireless email, web browser, text messaging, instant messaging, media player, maps, speakphone, organizer, trackball navigation and much more. This would be wonderful for travel, work and just all around organization. You can also learn more at

Does anyone use this? Tell me about it!

P.S. How cute are the new colored iPod shuffles?

TechRazr sharp

Isn’t the Motorola Razr V3 the cutest phone ever?! I think it’s very sexy and sleek. In fact, when my plan expires in a couple months, I’ve already decided that it will be my next phone. But for those of you who are eligable for a new plan now, get the black Razr V3 and make $100 today! Yes, you heard right…you’ll end up making $100 with activation with Cingular. (You can make $70 off of the silver and hot pink versions as well.) Check it all out here!

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