TDO Interview: Dr. Lisa Airan

A few weeks ago I met Dr. Lisa Airan, a familiar face from the pages of Vogue,, and various other media outlets, either noted for her impeccable sense of fashion or her expertise as a nationally recognized dermatologist. She was speaking at a press luncheon on behalf of BOTOX® Cosmetic, one of the most well known facial injectables on the market and one of Dr. Airan’s most popular requests at her office.

Dr. Airan talks to TDO readers about the safety, effectiveness and even some alternatives to BOTOX®. Plus, we also got her beauty secrets to how she, herself, always looks so amazing!

The Daily Obsession: When it comes to BOTOX® Cosmetic, what do you think is the biggest misconception?

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TDO Interview: Tim Quinn

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of having Armani Beauty’s Celebrity Face Designer and National Director of Creative Artistry, Tim Quinn, do my makeup for an event. Tim has been with Armani Beauty since the line launched in September 2001. Almost a decade later, it has become one of the most luxurious cosmetics brands even within the prestige market, and in no small part due to Tim’s leadership. When I first met him, I wasn’t sure what our rapport would be like but Tim mixes his celebrity stature with a such a generous dose of warmth and practicality that we were Facebook buddies within the hour. Over conversations of mascara and the Met, I snuck in a few questions for an exclusive TDO interview.

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The Beauty of Barbados

Somewhere between listening to the Caribbean waves lap outside my seaside villa, admiring the artwork in some of the island’s grand plantations, and tasting some of the freshest cuisine in the world, I fell in love with Barbados– an island that had previously been neither here nor there on my list of places to travel to. A longtime holiday destination for the British, Barbados, or “Little England” still attracts a majority of European visitors but it’s slowly making its way onto the shortlists of many American vacationers. I had the pleasure to visit the island as a guest of the Barbados Tourism Authority and my greatest regret during my four day stay was having to leave early to catch another trip the following day.

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TDO Interview: Kate Winslet

Will Kate Winslet finally take home an Oscar this Sunday? Back when Winslet was just 22, she became the youngest actress to receive two Oscar nominations – an honor (and a curse perhaps) that she’s repeated for her next four nominations. Already a double winner at the Golden Globes and SAG, this year could be her year. But as she told TDO, she doesn’t really have an acceptance speech planned. “One thing I’ve learned this award season is that I’m not really cut out for it,” she said. “I’m too emotional to lose and I’m clearly too emotional to win.”

I caught up with Winslet a couple weeks ago while she was taking a breather in between shows. When I mentioned to my friends that I had been granted the amazing opportunity to interview her, they all responded in the same way – by declaring their own regard for the actress. In fact, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t like Kate. Often described as an actor’s actor, Winslet’s rise to fame has been a result of her truly becoming an expert in her chosen craft. Her genuine demeanor and level-headed nature are also incredibly admirable. While watching clips of Winslet’s interviews to prep for my own, I never saw the actress be anything less than warm and gracious…humble even. And when we talked, Winslet was incredibly nice, funny, honest, and self deprecating.

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TDO Interview: Yigal Azrouel

The Daily Obsession: First of all, I love your work. How do you feel when you see women wearing your clothing?

Yigal Azrouel: I find it really rewarding when I see that women are relating to my designs and going out and buying my pieces. It is such a good feeling.

TDO: What is it like designing in this economy? Is it difficult to find inspiration in these trying times?

YA: I have given this question a lot of thought actually and I think that during a recession, for me as a designer, I push myself more. I look at it like a challenge and like to take it to another level. As far as inspiration, when it comes to each collection, I try and weave in the influence I get from traveling and experiencing different cultures. But, it also comes from the fabric. I love to start out by draping right away and experimenting by mixing and matching materials and fabrics. Like I mentioned before, I am very hands on and very visual, so I don’t just work from my sketches, I need to feel the material. I need to go visit showrooms and see it for myself, and then it just begins to evolve from there. It is a very exciting process for me.

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New York Fashion Week AW09: Barbie

I mistakenly thought that my obsession with Barbie ended after I aged into the double digits, but it turns out that I just stopped collecting the dolls. My fascination with the glossy world of Barbie has continued, if not intensified as I got older, and I replaced my doll dresses with real dresses. However, it really took the Barbie Runway Show yesterday at the tents to remind me of the special place Barbie’s always occupied in my heart – and in those of little girls and grown up fashionistas everywhere.

Everyone has a Barbie story. I fell in love with the doll after spotting it among its friends at a local supermarket at a very young age, and spent the next few years giving her haircuts and even making her clothes. The first pair of shoes I really loved were the pink heels Barbie wore. I was so disappointed that Barbie couldn’t actually stand up in them – though now years later I often face the same unfortunate results when I don on my most Barbie-esque of shoes, the Christian Louboutin Decollete. At any rate, during the show I realized that each girl’s fantasy of the Barbie world lives on well into adulthood whether we covet her wardrobe, her house, her body or her Ken.

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