Mom & KidsAdventures with Manhattan Toy


Cabin Fever is a term my husband uses to dramatically announce that he is delirious from being trapped our apartment for too long. With the winter temperatures and all that white stuff on the ground, it’s been used quite frequently as of late. On one hand, I miss being able to lounge around and watch movies and drink wine on the couch on snowy Saturdays, but having a little one in the family means dusting off the ol’ imagination and getting active and creative- even if that means doing so at home. For a little help and magic dust in this department, I turn to the experts in creating fun – Manhattan Toy. Kids and parents alike love the ideas and activities that come wrapped up in little boxes. Here are some of our favorites which will take us on a ride all the way into better weather.

The Imagine I Can series encourages make-believe and wonderment, and for a variety of ages, provides a springboard for adventures and story-telling. The Imagine I Can Enchanted Fairy Kit comes in cute metal lunchbox (perfect for toting to grandma’s house) and includes a pair of wings ready to add flight to a little girl’s back, transforming her into a pastel flurry of motion. As every good fairy knows, the fairy dust bottle is indispensable, and I can’t help smiling as my newly transformed fairy sprinkles imaginary glitter all over the living room. When it came time for Miss Fairy to sprinkle flower seeds, I asked what she was trying to grow, and the answer was, “cheese!” I guess we know who will grow up to be a Dairy Queen. The magical kit also includes an adorable felt flower crown and sweet felt flower cut outs plus a magic wand, all the must-haves for a fantastical time. Beware, the fairy transformation can result in infinite twirling, as it did in our case. Voila! Cabin fever has disappeared like fairy dust!


AccessoriesObsession of the Moment: Rian Laris Hair Calf Satchel


BeautyPerfect Pairing: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow & Duo Brush


Brows: seriously underrated and often overlooked. People frequently cite mascara or lipstick as their can’t-live-without-product, but when was the last time you heard anyone lament about not being able to leave the house unless her brows were perfectly groomed? Well, that would be me, and once you start paying attention, the before/after will seem so stark that you’ll actually feel naked without a little brow touchup. Thanks to Anastasia Beverly Hills new Dipbrow Pomade and #12 Large Duo Brush, achieving polished, defined brows are now easier, quicker, and more foolproof than ever. READ MORE

Beauty, NailsScotch Naturals Red Hot Trio


Well, here’s a novel concept: a nail lacquer so pure and free of chemicals that it doesn’t smell. While I usually tend to avoid sniffing polishes, I found myself bringing bottles of Scotch Natural up to my nose on more than one occasion in disbelief that I really couldn’t detect any scent aside from a very mild whiff of almonds. Crazy right? And that is how, through the unlikely sense of smell that I first fell in love with one of the most luxurious and innovative polish brands on the market.

Scotch Natural polishes are created using a unique water based (as opposed to solvent based) formula and are absent of a slew of chemicals typically found in nail polishes. In addition to being free of all toxins, Scotch Natural polishes are also vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, fragrance free, and paraben free. What’s left is water, an adhesive agent, and color–a rainbow palette of 43 shades ranging from the softest blush to the moodiest indigo. Now in time for Valentine’s Day (and for red-lovers, any day), Scotch Naturals has released a trio of their favorite reds: Tartan Swizzle, a vibrant magenta, Stiletto, a pink-red creme, and Whisper, a shimmery pale pink in a beautiful, giftable set complete with their Sticky Base Coat and On The Rocks high gloss top coat. The polishes are highly saturated and evenly coats the nail bed with just one swipe for chip-free color that lasts (3 days and going strong!). Added bonus: the polishes also seem to dry quicker than their non-toxic counterparts, now officially leaving you with zero reasons not to get on the better-for-you bandwagon.

Fitness & Health, Mom & KidsErica Ziel’s Knocked-Up Fitness



Sometimes after a big dinner (or many, as the holidays go), I lament the bygone days where I could eat a wheel of brie then lie on the beach in a bikini with no evidence of having indulged. After a few years have gone by, and oh, having a baby, things are a bit different. For moms and moms-to-be, fitting in that workout is beyond tricky and frankly, not that appealing. Luckily, I have a new little secret up my sleeve for a new start in the new year. Certified Personal Trainer Erica Ziel, a sun-kissed Californian with a degree in Kinesiology & Health, has culled all her knowledge and experience into a new workout program. Knocked-Up Fitness is an effective pilates-based workout designed for all trimesters of pregnancy and post-pregnancy where Erica is your personal coach and inspiration. The Prenatal + After Baby 4-DVD set starts from the first trimester and goes all the way through staying in shape from diaper changing to first steps. An exercise band is included, so you’re all set to get in the best shape possible while being safe. During pregnancy, core muscles are more important than ever for labor and delivery, then of course comes the rebuilding of the body post-pregnancy. Erica’s philosophy is that the stronger your deeper muscles are, the stronger the rest of your entire body is.


Beauty, Makeup4 Essential Red Lipsticks For your Beauty Wardrobe


Let’s stop calling red lipstick a trend and start calling it what it really is–a staple. As with any wardrobe essential, I believe in buying that perfect product in various shades and textures to have one on hand for any mood or occasion that may come calling. Below, the four shades you’ll need to for the complete red collection.

The Festive Red

For dinner parties, girls night out, or whenever you’re feeling cheerful and whimsical. Pair with gold baubles, champagne shimmer, chevron stripes, and cozy angora sweaters. Try Kate Spade Beauty Supercalifragilipstick! in Fanciful Merlot , a creamy and cushiony red that adds a bubbly, spirited look to any outfit.

The Fiery Red

Think fire engine loud, racy, and even more striking than your classic crimson. Wear with plunging black tuxedo suit (nothing underneath!) and nails to match or whenever you’re feeling daring. NARS Cinematic Lipstick in Short Circuit, inspired by the provocative photos of Guy Bourdin, blends just the right intensity of red and orange with a glossy finish for even more sex appeal.

The Vampy Red

Dark, deeply-hued, and dramatic. Wear to channel your inner Dita von Teese whenever. Kevyn Aucoin Expert Lip Color in Blood Roses is the perfect black-red that doesn’t wander over into purple territory.

The Retro Red

A gorgeous true red that’s neither too bright nor too dark and best worn matte. Matches everything from evening gowns to jeans. Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipstick in Brat Pack keeps the color classic but upgrades the technology for a formula that’s weightless, nourishing, and long lasting.

BeautyPerfect Pairing: Sunday Riley Tinted Primer & Koh Gen Do Liquid Treatment Concealer


New Year’s Beauty Resolution #1: Always put my best face forward–effortlessly polished, natural but better. New Year’s Beauty Resolution #2: Don’t give up on Resolution #1 seven days into January because it’s the coldest it’s been in decades and my ideal morning routine is better described as “turn over and go back to bed.”

Thanks to two powerhouse products in my bathroom cabinet, “effortlessly beautiful” takes on quite a literal meaning–and it can be achieved even with just a minute to spare. I start with Sunday Riley’s aptly named ‘Effortless’ Breathable Tinted Primer which I substitute for both moisturizer and foundation on super busy, lazy, or just-can’t-get-it-together mornings. Absent are the heavy silicones found in most primers; instead, the product is formulated with anti-aging peptides, moisturizing agents and Rejuvenox to keep skin hydrated, oxygenated, plump, and smooth. The tinted formulation also delivers a fair dose of color coverage–enough to even out any light blotchiness and sallow tones. Whatever it can’t hide, I simply touch up with Koh Gen Do’s Liquid Treatment Concealer, step 2 of the easiest two-step beauty routine in existence. The multi-tasking concealer is equally as effective at covering blemishes as it is as brightening under eye. The brush pen tip dispenses a saturated dose of color–a little goes a long way. I smooth the concealer onto the back of my hand and tap (never rub) the product wherever needed on the face with fingers.The gentle formulation, packed with botanicals and emollients covers and brightens, but never cakes. Whatever I have left over, I apply down the forehead and nose bridge as highlighter for the finishing touch. So simple yet so effective–who knew New Year’s resolutions could be this easy to keep?

Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer, $48, available at
Koh Gen Do Liquid Treatment Concealer, $48, available at

SponsoredHowAboutWe Make Dumplings?

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to spend more quality time dating my husband—that is, less time spent bickering, more time spent having fun and enjoying each other’s company. Thanks to our friends at HowAboutWe for Couples, we’re already on our way to achieving this goal! Make spending time with your significant other a priority in 2014 as well–to help you along, we’re offering all our readers $50 off their first date. Read on to learn more!

Shortly after we got married (and life returned to normal), my husband asked me over dinner: “now that wedding planning is done, what should we do with our free time?” It didn’t take very long for me to answer that what I would like to do, in fact, was any activity at all! While my husband and I actually used to plan events together during our early days, somewhere in between moving in together (and fighting over music taste) and spending our weekends DIY-ing reception place cards, we completely stopped dating each other.

Unfortunately, thanks to our busy work schedules and overall repetition of daily life, we’ve also no longer the pros at date planning we used to be. As any New Yorker can attest, the most convenient bar/coffee shop/cafe (i.e. within 2 blocks of your apartment), soon becomes the only establishments one frequents. And while the early excitement of dating meant that I would, in fact, take three subways to go cross-town to try a new restaurant together, the comforts of married life now means that I would…well, rather be comfortable. As in ordering food online. Or IMing him from the couch instead of walking into the bedroom. Or occasionally making him go pour me a glass of wine because I can’t get out of the rabbit hole of Wikipedia/Buzzfeed. You get the idea.

But at some point being comfortable starts to turn into being lazy…and laziness has done no relationship any favors. So now that we’ve embarked on the next step of our relationship—and life together—I resolved to bring back the excitement, anticipation, and discovery of our earlier days. So naturally when I discovered HowAboutWe for Couples, the new experience planning service from the dating site HowAboutWe, I was ready to sign up. HowAboutWe for Couples is a service that helps people who are in relationships go on wonderful dates. The best part? You don’t even have to plan it, just pick your activity online and show up! READ MORE

FashionShop My Closet at Vaunte


One resolution that I’ve had for years is to pare down my closet–or at least get it to a point where my clothes are not overflowing onto rolling racks and um…the floor. Thanks to Vaunte, this year I’m finally on my way to achieving my goal of a perfectly curated wardrobe. A few weeks ago their editors came over to my apartment and raided my closet…for your shopping pleasure! If you’re not familiar with Vaunte–it’s like Net-a-Porter meets eBay–where you can shop the closets of fashionable tastemakers at heavily discounted prices. Thanks Vaunte for featuring me as a starlet–and take a peek at my sale–from my closet to yours, with love.

Beauty, MakeupA Most Radiant Universe



This post is a little late due to technical difficulties on my part (i.e. my lack of internet access over the holidays, which was even worse than it sounds. Thank God for my iPhone, which helped a little. A very little…) but in a rare turn of events, that’s actually a good thing because I was planning a piece raving about the SEPHORA+PANTONE UNIVERSE holiday collection, but now that it’s post holidays, the collection is actually on sale. Don’t you love when that happens?

First, you’re going to want to pick up the Lavish Jewel Gloss Set (on sale for $15). There are four glosses in it, all in pretty shimming jewel tones and a total steal at less than $4 apiece! Then you’re definitely going to want to throw both of the Precious Metal Mousse Shadows in your cart (possibly with backups of both). The creamy eyeshadow mousse (with a really cool texture) comes in Silver and Gold – both gorgeous – with a fabulous metallic finish that shimmers and pops. You can use it all over your lid as a shadow, but you can also use it as a liner (because you know, holiday parties are now over). These were the unexpected standout of the collection for me, so don’t pass them up. READ MORE

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